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Starbucks “Evenings” has finally come to Ramona! Recently they had their inaugural evening that features a thoughtful selection of wine and craft beer alongside a menu of “small plate” specialties.  Starbucks has been slowly rolling out this concept over the last 5 years at select stores. Come in after 4pm for beer & wine so you can go completely full circle with your stimulants/depressants at the same place.  

I tried the Truffle Mac & Cheese for $5.95. Macaroni pasta in a creamy truffle fondue with herbed parmesan breadcrumbs. Came out better than expected. I would definitely get this again. Portion was just right if you happened to have had a big, late lunch.  

Also tried the Chicken Skewers for $4.95. Marinated chicken breast coated with parmesan and panko breadcrumbs, served with a mustard dipping sauce. Fairly tasty but quite a bit more institutional tasting than the mac. 

It was kind of a trip walking into Starbucks tonight and being offered a wine tasting.


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