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Carnitas Tacos

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos with salsa verde and queso fresco! 

Pailin Thai Cafe 

Still my favorite Pad Thai in SoCal!  This time with chicken.  I could eat this everyday but Lady FoodObs would get upset pretty quick.  

Marinade on Main

We checked out Ramona’s newest eatery recently and I have to say, Marinade on Main is my new favorite restaurant in town! Just outstanding!The atmosphere and decor is so rustic, yet refined. Front of house service is ample and most accommodating! Absolutely loved everyone and we felt so welcomed and at home.

The menu is fairly small (which I like) with a thoughtful selection of comfort food classics.

We started with an appetizer order of “Triple P Fries” ($9). Hot and crispy fries loaded with a generous amount of pulled pork, secret sauce, mustard seed, gravy, etc. Amazing flavors. I could eat this everyday! It was really a meal in itself, but perfect for sharing.

For my main I had the “Shrimp N Grits” ($16.50). Shrimp & andouille sausage over creamy grits. It came with 5 huge, succulent shrimps, perfectly cooked. Not all tough and overcooked. Grits were better than I was expecting. A good size bed blanketed the plate. They were rich, creamy and tight, not at all loose. The amount of andouille was fairly conservative, I thought it could have used more. This was a very well seasoned and flavorful dish that I would order again many times.

Beer & wine list was impressive! There’s a myriad of local favorites from Ramona wineries and a well rounded draft beer selection (about 8 choices). Pints are reasonably priced at $5/6.

Can’t wait to get back to Marinade on Main soon to try their Fish & Chips, Chicken Pot Pie, Habanero Wings, etc. Honestly, there’s nothing on the menu I wouldn’t love to try. This place is truly a gem for Ramona, I wish them great success!

Sombrero Mexican Food

I’ve been eating Mexican food in SoCal for decades and this is the first time I’ve tried a torta!  I’d say it’s the best I’ve ever had, but really, it’s the only torta I’ve ever had!  I chose one of my favorite taco shops in San Diego to try my first torta, Sombrero Mexican Food.  This place serves what they call San Diego style Mexican food and it’s been a favorite of mine for many years.  Heres their outstanding adobada in torta form.  I could eat this every day!


Back to Starbucks to try another of their “Evenings” food items.  This time a chicken sausage flatbread thing.  It’s layered with chicken sausage, oven roasted maters, diced cherry peppers, mushrooms, etc.  it was tasty, but I’m not gonna sugarcoat it!  I’d have been happier with a $5 Hot & Ready from Little Caesars. 

Homemade Pizza Roll

I just love making these homemade pizza roll things using canned Pillsbury pizza dough.  Just roll it out, spread around shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, whatever the hell else you want, roll it all up and go from there!   Be sure to cut some slits in the top and do a good egg wash brushing before popping in the oven.  

Boll Weevil

More often than not, I need to bring a change of clothes to the Weev.  Then take two showers when I get home!  You can see why here with their outstanding “Cowboy” Burger and The Messy. 

Lemongrass Thai Food 

After the terrible pad thai at Lemongrass, I promised to go back and try a curry dish – I’m glad I did!  I got the Lunch Special Yellow Curry (with chicken) for only $6.95. There’s a fair amount of chicken in a rich, flavorful and savory coconut milk broth with yellow curry paste, onions, carrots and potatoes. There was a lot more chicken than potatoes which I appreciated! Served with a side of rice and soup to start. Did not care for today’s soup though. Some sort of bland egg drop loaded with a ton of corn! At least it came out hot… This was a really good curry dish that I would come back and order again.

Victor’s Kafe 

Established in 1996, Victor’s Kafe is a family owned and operated business.  They serve quality Greek and Mediterranean food made from high quality ingredients.  Here’s an outstanding chicken & gyros plate.  

North County Tavern Bowl

They call this “Spare Chicken” at Tavern Bowl.  Outstanding appetizer of fried chicken tenders with fries for only $2.95 during happy hour. 

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