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Dinner recently at Amerient Restaurant (Country Cooking & Oriental Cuisine). I ordered Mongolian Beef ($10.25). Beef stir fried with green onion, sweet onion and bamboo shoots in a spicy sauce, served with a side of rice.  I haven’t had this dish at too many places (PF Chang’s a fave) so I don’t have a lot to compare to. At Amerient it comes out with a very liberal amount of wok fired thinly sliced, tender beef. No oral extractions or byproduct to deal with. I was impressed for Chinese food in Ramona. Not overly sauced out like some Americanized Chinese dishes. The menu notes it as a spicy dish but it really wasn’t. I had to add a few squirts of Sriracha to round it all out. 

This was one of the better meals I’ve had at Amerient. Certainly better than the Kung Pao Chicken I had a while back. Would go back for more but I might omit the bamboo shoots next time.

Still one of the best egg drop soups I’ve had, even with the Hello Kitty soy sauce…


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  1. Un bon blogueur. on said:

    Looks delicious.

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