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Fast food purveyors of late have been going all spicy and hot with their special sandwiches. Ghost pepper this, el diablo that, etc…I’m planning to try most of these and I started recently with our own Ramona Wendy’s and the “Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken”.

For $5.49 (sammich only) it consists of a classic spicy (fried) chicken patty; colby pepper jack cheese; fresh jalapeño; ghost pepper sauce; all enveloped by a “red jalapeño bun”.  

I was anticipating intolerable heat, but it wasn’t really that overbearing. I only had to blow my nose twice. The so-called ghost pepper sauce seemed more like nacho squirt cheese. The chopped jalapeño was a nice touch.  

Overall it was a decent sandwich, but probably wouldn’t order it again. The bun could have been fresher. I’m thinking these flavors would pair better with a ground beef patty, so I’m looking forward to trying some of the spicy hamburger creations. Limited time only no doubt.


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