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Ramona Lisa Pizza 

Now that Country Wine & Spirits is the new owner/operator of Ra-Mona Lisa I had to check it out. That and my middle name is “pizza”. I’m pleased to report that I got a very good pie tonight! Here’s a medium (14”) for only $10.99. Additional toppings are $1.25 which brought this sausage/pepperoni masterpiece to about $13.50.  Cheese and toppings were abundant! Very liberally applied. Happy that I did not have to request “extra cheese” as in previous visits. I will say the crust was somewhat bland/flat tasting. They claim to be using new/different/better ingredients and it is apparent. Same menu from original Ra-Mona Lisa still in effect, however they plan to make some tweaks in the future, so stay tuned.  

My phone-in pick up order was quoted 20 minutes and it wound up taking about 35 minutes. That’s ok though, I was not in a rush and enjoyed the company while waiting.

So happy to have a really good pizza option close to home in SDCE, as the OG version has let me down in recent visits.


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One thought on “Ramona Lisa Pizza 

  1. Mikhail on said:

    The delicious looking pizza is seducing me trough WordPress. :).

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