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Salsa Mexican Food

Beef taco and cheese enchilada combination plate at Salsa Mexican Food ($8.25). I’ve had some pretty decent burritos here in the day. Also good carne asada chips / fries, etc. The combination plates however have just been very average for me.  Taco was the typical fried, crispy type, which is good, but there was a pretty conservative amount of beef inside. Enchilada was fair, I’ve had better at other taco shops in town. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the enchilada sauce tasted like it was from a can. Rice was not hot. Almost room temperature in fact. I did appreciate that it was all served on a real plate though!

For some time I have observed this phenomenon with taco shops. All enchiladas come out with a mountain of lettuce heaped on top! You don’t see this happening to enchiladas at sit-down Mexican restaurants. There was so much lettuce that a small pool of water formed on the plate. I guess I should be glad it was washed, just not adequately dried.

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