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Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard Winery 

Quick visit to another local winery. This time Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard Winery. TRR came to fruition after the devastation of the 2007 Witch Creek wildfire. While growing grapes had always been an idea, now the land and space was cleared in order to make it a reality. For years the owners had studied different varieties of grapes and what would thrive in the Ramona Valley.

TRR is situated along Vista Ramona Rd and is fairly easy to find. Tasting area is huge with ample, comfortable seating. All shaded during the evening hours. They are clearly setup to handle larger groups and a multitude of visitors. I will say, not the most breathtaking views compared to other wineries in the area. I did appreciate their more flexible tasting options. $6 for 3 tastes, or $12 for 6 tastes.

Gail had a glass of the “Hello Love – White Wine Blend 2013″. She might have a remark below, I don’t know. I had a glass of the “Hello Sexy Winemakers Blend 2012”. 69% cabernet/31% merlot. It was outstanding, that I can tell you! I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, I just like saying “hello sexy”.


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