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Fettuccine and red sauce 

Threw this one together pretty quick with what I had on hand.  Fettuccine pasta with red sauce and Costco meatballs!  Outstanding meal, I think I need to lay down now. 

Pinto Thai Ramona 

Pinto Thai for lunch recently! After enjoying their Pad Thai for some time, I’ve been meaning to get in and try one of their curry lunch specials.  I chose my favorite, “Panang Curry”. It’s made with coconut milk, green bean, bell pepper, sweet basil and your choice of protein, only $7.99. (They also have green/red/yellow curry.)

I ordered mine with chicken and it was outstanding. This dish was chock-full of tender, succulent white-meat chicken. Curry broth was rich, flavorful and savory. So good I finished it with a spoon! One of the best curries I’ve had anywhere!

Lunch specials are served with vegetarian soup of the day, house salad, rice, Thai vegetarian egg roll and fried wonton.     

Weekday lunch specials at any Thai restaurant are a wonderful thing and this place is no exception! 

The Par Lounge

So, for the next few posts I’m going to review some of the great appetizers at The Par Lounge. The appetizers here are easily a meal in themselves! Their happy hour is a generous 4 hours, Mon-Fri, 3-7pm. Why limit “happy” to only an hour, right? During HH it’s $2 off everything on the “Great Bites” section of the menu.

Here’s an outstanding order of onion rings, only $3 (HH price). I’ve reviewed this before during our onion ring series so I’ll just stick to the highlights. Despite being frozen, still probably in the top 3 onion ring orders in Ramona. A fair amount comes out hot & crispy in a faux newsprint lined basket. I noticed a new dipping sauce along the side that was so good! Some sort of a spicy ranch type dip.

Be sure to check your itemized ticket at the end. Sometimes there are keying errors and you don’t always get the happy hour pricing.

This place has a modern, top shelf atmosphere with numerous flat screen TVs, patio seating with great golf course views and outstanding service.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

This Korean spicy bowl thing with steak at Pei Wei was remarkably good!!


Outstanding lunch recently at Quizno’s of Ramona! I just had to get in to try one of their new Ciabatta Toasties. (I’ll admit, I just like saying “CiabattaToastie”!)There are three to choose from including Ham & Swiss; Little Italy; or Southwest Club. I chose the Ham & Swiss which is made with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a tasty honey mustard sauce. The Ciabatta Toasties are only $3.50! (For $2 more you can make it a combo deal that includes chips and a fountain drink).

This was a full size ciabatta square roll loaded up with sammich goodness then toasted. After toasting it’s heaped with a liberal amount of fresh, crisp produce. It was the perfect size for me. I could eat these everyday.

The two ladies working today were so helpful, nice, patient and genuine. The dining area is fairly conservative in size, but was clean and comfortable nonetheless.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Best chicken in fast food, that I can tell you!


Outstanding spicy chicken supreme sandwich!! 

Barrel 1 Winery 

Recently we visited Barrel 1 Winery and had an outstanding time! A beautiful sprawling, flat estate covering about 17 acres located at 1007 Magnolia Ave in Ramona. Supposedly the soil is “volcanic” and produces rich, high quality grapes. The dog friendly tasting room, which evokes a Tuscan ranch style atmosphere, is open Saturdays & Sundays 12-6pm. They have five wine varieties including a cabernet, merlot, muscat, etc. All were good and palatable. According to the gal running the tasting bar, all are made with local estate grown grapes. Not the most breathtaking setting, but cool and comfortable nonetheless.

After the tasting I wound up buying a bottle of their infamous Black Widow Merlot. Only 12.5% ABV, but very good and smooth. Amazing thing is, this is the first Ramona wine I’ve seen carried at Costco! Worst part was paying $9 a bottle more than the Costco price! However the visit to the winery was far more enjoyable than going to Costco, which usually gives me some degree of anxiety, dry mouth and occasional loose stool.

Olive Garden

Two of my favorite things at Olive Garden!  Lasagna Classico and Zuppa Toscana. 

Boll Weevil

All you can eat fish fry at The Weev is still the best deal in Ramona, every Thursday 5-8pm! We enjoyed their iconic weekly special recently and I have a few observations. You’ve seen me review this dish ad nauseam over the years so I’ll just stick to last night.The fish (fresh battered pollock) seems to be cut into smaller portions. The initial serving is noticeably more conservative in size. Fortunately though, being AYCE, more is right around the corner.

I dearly adore their wooden bowl salads and always get blue cheese dressing. Last night it was obvious the blue cheese had changed and not for the better. It has a noticeably more tangy taste and visually appears somewhat loose and unappealing. I asked the server about it and they have unfortunately changed to a gluten free version. Not sure why, but I’ll be trying a different dressing next time.  

Again, such an amazing value at only $7.99 ($5.99 with coupon). 

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