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Boll Weevil

All you can eat fish fry at The Weev is still the best deal in Ramona, every Thursday 5-8pm! We enjoyed their iconic weekly special recently and I have a few observations. You’ve seen me review this dish ad nauseam over the years so I’ll just stick to last night.The fish (fresh battered pollock) seems to be cut into smaller portions. The initial serving is noticeably more conservative in size. Fortunately though, being AYCE, more is right around the corner.

I dearly adore their wooden bowl salads and always get blue cheese dressing. Last night it was obvious the blue cheese had changed and not for the better. It has a noticeably more tangy taste and visually appears somewhat loose and unappealing. I asked the server about it and they have unfortunately changed to a gluten free version. Not sure why, but I’ll be trying a different dressing next time.  

Again, such an amazing value at only $7.99 ($5.99 with coupon). 


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