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Barrel 1 Winery 

Recently we visited Barrel 1 Winery and had an outstanding time! A beautiful sprawling, flat estate covering about 17 acres located at 1007 Magnolia Ave in Ramona. Supposedly the soil is “volcanic” and produces rich, high quality grapes. The dog friendly tasting room, which evokes a Tuscan ranch style atmosphere, is open Saturdays & Sundays 12-6pm. They have five wine varieties including a cabernet, merlot, muscat, etc. All were good and palatable. According to the gal running the tasting bar, all are made with local estate grown grapes. Not the most breathtaking setting, but cool and comfortable nonetheless.

After the tasting I wound up buying a bottle of their infamous Black Widow Merlot. Only 12.5% ABV, but very good and smooth. Amazing thing is, this is the first Ramona wine I’ve seen carried at Costco! Worst part was paying $9 a bottle more than the Costco price! However the visit to the winery was far more enjoyable than going to Costco, which usually gives me some degree of anxiety, dry mouth and occasional loose stool.


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