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Outstanding dinner recently at Rubio’s! Cilantro Lime Sea Bass Bowl for only $9.29. Grilled sea bass rice bowl topped with a cilantro-lime mojo sauce (made with lime, cilantro and garlic). No idea what this thing they call “mojo sauce” is, but it was excellent. The bowl includes citrus rice, black beans (omitted), chipotle white sauce and a small amount of romaine lettuce along with guacamole and salsa fresca. Of all the times I’ve been here, this dish has to be the best thing I’ve put in my mouth at any Rubio’s.

This was definitely a big league dish for a “fast food” restaurant. It would be a stand out at any of the finer sit-down places in town, that I can tell you. The sea bass was cooked perfectly; flaky, moist and succulent. Not at all overcooked and tough as I was expecting. The flavors going on here, from the so-called mojo sauce to the chipotle white sauce were just dynamite! I recommend a good squeeze of fresh lime over the whole thing. 


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