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Nuevo Grill & Cantina 

Recently had brunch at Nuevo Grill and Cantina. I ordered one of my favorite Mexican breakfast dishes, Chilaquiles. Fried corn tortilla pieces, scrambled eggs, cheese and homemade verde sauce, $7.25. Add carne asada for only $2 more.

I’ve eaten a lot of chilaquiles and this is the first time I’ve seen the egg separate like this. Turns out the breakfast cook left early and our dishes were made by the dinner crew. Oh well, at any rate it was still tasty but it would have been better prepared in the traditional fashion. Eggs were also somewhat overcooked. Adding carne asada was a good move. There was a liberal amount for only $2 extra. (Only one oral extraction). Best part of this dish had to be the outstanding homemade verde sauce! I’ve enjoyed it blanketing their chicken enchiladas for years so it was nice to have it featured in the chilaquiles.

Highlight from my Nuevo Girl brunch was the complimentary champagne. Not this watered down mimosa crap, but full-on champagne! Like they do at Oaks Grille. Gail got a good looking order of her favorite, eggs benedict. 


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