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Jersey Mike’s 

#17 Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly!  I love how the tender steak is grilled fresh to order.  Includes peppers, onions, and melted white American cheese.  Kind of a hot mess, but very tasty!

Tres Taqueria 

Excellent order of rolled tacos at Tres Taqueria in El Cajon! 

Mi Casa Reveles 

Outstanding order of rolled tacos at Mi Casa Reveles!

Marinade on Main 

Another outstanding brunch recently at Marinade On Main! This was an original, unique, kicked up Benedict, the likes I’ve never had before. Although not on the menu, it seems to be available recently upon special request. Made with your choice of bacon or ham, it includes kale, two poached eggs and an excellent, flavorful housemade chipotle hollandaise sauce. The foundation is the biggest, best hot biscuit around. Such a tremendous meal, I’m so glad we came in to try it. 

Up the Hill Grill 

Outstanding lunch recently at Way Point Saloon! The menu here has a fantastic selection of big league burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, etc. This time I had one of my favorite burgers, the “Bacon & Bleu”.

Made with a half pound beef patty that I ordered medium well and it came out perfectly cooked. Hot, juicy and just the right amount of pink in the center. Here you’ll get real blue cheese crumbles, not some spread or dressing. The blue cheese is grilled on the flattop first which yields a nice color, flavor and softness to an otherwise hard, crumbly cheese. I’m not really a fan of the fancy tissue paper lettuce/spring mix/whatever you call it… Overall an excellent burger! 

I noticed the sides are now being served in these chic stainless steel vessels. It didn’t make my beer battered fries taste any better, but it sure did look classy and elegant. What I did notice was that my fries retained their warmth for a longer period of time! 

Extraordinary service today! As most always. Great place for lunch and a beer of you’re so inclined.

Boll Weevil 

Still the best fish & chips in Ramona!  Only on Thursdays that is… I think the price has gone up a couple dollars but it’s still the best value in town for all you can eat. 

La Cocina 

Outstanding breakfast recently from La Cocina! I ordered a machaca plate – served with rice & beans and warm tortillas for $8.50. I would have considered this a fair price if it wasn’t served on a styrofoam plate. Just kidding! In all seriousness, this is a fantastic taco shop that feels like a sit down restaurant. Especially the chips & salsa service which was exceptional this morning. 

If you’ve never had machaca, it’s basically some sort of seasoned shredded beef cooked on the flattop with onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggs. Traditionally a breakfast dish, it can be made into burrito form, or just as a combination plate with tortillas, etc. One of my favorite Mexican dishes. 

This was a big league machaca plate! Definitely in the top 2 or 3 I’ve had in town.

Los Amigos 

One of the better looking orders of rolled tacos I’ve had from Los Amigos.  Usually we get them to go, and the takeout wrap job, plus the drive home tends to leave them looking like a sad sack.  This is one of the reasons I always like to dine in!  

Panera Bread 

Outstanding asiago cheese bagel at Panera!  I order it toasted with a liberal shmear of cream cheese.  Just perfect!

On the Border 

Usually a burrito is the perfect handheld food.  Making it “wet” though takes it to a whole new level at On the Border!  Yes, you have to eat it with a knife and fork.  This flavor and texture combination is just bomb when you blanket the whole thing in a flavorful enchilada sauce.  One of my favorite things to order at OTB. 

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