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Taco Bell 

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of visiting our new Taco Bell! I tried the “Double Stacked Tacos” for only $1 each. You can choose from three varieties. Nacho crunch; cool habanero; or spicy sweet. I got one nacho crunch and one cool habanero. Both were very good, although the cool habanero was the best. I like these better than the regular hardshell crunchy tacos that tend to break up and fall apart. There is a soft flour tortilla adhered to the hardshell by some sort of cheese substance. This made it much easier to eat without the whole thing disintegrating in my hands!

As others have noted, the parking lot is a complete cluster! Knowing this, I parked in the K-Mart lot over by Los Rancheros and made the short walk across the street. I highly recommend parking here during busy times. Easy in & out for sure! Dining area is extremely small and cramped, but I guess that’s the space they had to work with. Overall, happy to have the Bell in town for cheap and tasty eats.

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