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Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Outstanding order of chicken parm at Romano’s Macaroni Grill! Most of my visits here are hit and miss on the food. This dish however was excellent.

Jack in the Box

Outstanding Triple Bacon Buttery Jack at our Ramona Jack in the Box! Went well with their excellent panko crusted onion rings. I just love JIB’s shiny buns…

Kountry Kitchen

This week we had a delicious post-Christmas breakfast at Kountry Kitchen! A Ramona institution since 1939, this place has such a warm, traditional family feel that is obvious the moment you walk in the door. The breakfast menu here has tremendous breadth; I’m sure there’s something that would please anyone. I zeroed in on the two-egg breakfasts. There’s a nice selection of hearty protein options that go-with such as bacon; jumbo links; patty sausage; ham steak; pork chops; beef patty; etc. I ordered it with corned beef hash! Includes hashbrowns and hot biscuit or toast, $12.25.

My sunny side eggs were fresh and very good with big, beautiful yolks. There was a small amount of loose whites, unfortunately. The hashbrowns here are outstanding! Perfectly hot and crispy. I appreciate that KK serves hashbrowns as there are a few other places in town that do not. Now the corned beef hash… I hate to say it, but it tasted like it was from a can. The texture seemed mechanically processed and the flavor did not resemble a traditional salty corned beef. It was a decent enough crispy hot hash, just not among the best I’ve had.

We really feel “at home” at Kountry Kitchen. Love this restaurant! Service was excellent. In fact, our server took multiple orders from more than one table and did not write down a thing! That always worries me, but everything came out perfect, as requested.

Way Point Saloon

Outstanding chicken wings at Way Point Saloon! Some of the best I’ve had in town, that I can tell you.

Hamburger Factory

Pretty heavy handed on the gravy at The Hamburger Factory, but still a very tasty plate of country fried steak!

The Par Lounge

Recently I had the “Aglio Supremo” pizza at The Par Lounge. It’s made with a garlic white sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green onion, cherry maters and mushrooms (omitted). Only $9 for the small (shown here) or $18 for large. This pie tasted excellent. Definitely an interesting change-up from the traditional red sauce. I think my favorite part of their pizza is the crust. I typically don’t eat the pizza “bone”, but here I consume it all.

(Tip: Request a side of ranch – perfect dip for the crust)

Taco Bell

Had lunch recently at the Bell and I was so excited to finally try this new Naked Chicken Chalupa thing! Turned out better than I was expecting. Only $2.99 each and it was perfect. Needed nothing else. No cheese roll-up; no crunch wrap; no cinnamon twists; no nothing. Just one Naked Chicken Chalupa. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, I just like saying “Naked Chicken Chalupa”. Probably more than I like saying “Chicken DoubleDilla”.

This remarkable new chalupa reminds me of the invention of the wheel. Actually it was more like a fried chicken salad turned inside out. Taco Bell created a chalupa shell made of crispy, all white meat chicken and filled it with crisp lettuce, diced maters, cheese and an amazing avocado ranch sauce.

I have to say, it was pretty greasy in the hands. Felt like taking a shower when I was done. Might have been better with a warm flour tortilla adhered to the outside with some sort of cheese substance. Overall an outstanding specialty item on the Bell menu. Unfortunately, it’s limited time only, like all their best stuff. Get in and try one before it goes away for good.

Players Sports Bar

Surprising dish for an unassuming Sports Bar in Poway. One of my favorite things to eat, I had to try the jambalaya at Players. It was outstanding! Recipe was legit and had tons of shrimp, etc.


The most beautiful sight at any mall! Wish I could just lay down in this goodness at Cinnabon.

On the Border

Outstanding quesadilla appetizer at On the Border!

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