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In case you were unaware, D’Carlos Restaurant now serves breakfast 7 days a week! I made it in recently to check it out. They serve breakfast daily until 11am, Sunday til 2pm. Breakfast menu was straight forward, easy to read and prices were relatively affordable. Everything looked really good with a varied assortment that would please most.

I kept it simple and ordered the two egg breakfast which comes with country taters, choice of bread and bacon or sausage – $7. I really liked how everything came out nice and hot on a hot plate! Over easy eggs were cooked perfectly. Bacon was on the thin side, but cooked well done and crispy how I like it. Unfortunately there’s no hash brown choice, but the country tater cube things were ok. I have to say, the taters and biscuit seemed like they came off the Sysco truck. Not house made. Still tasty nonetheless. I requested a side of gravy with my biscuit. Country gravy was flavorful with some chunks of sausage, but the consistency was a little too thin. I probably would not order a whole plate of that.

Bottomless Mimosa – $12. Kind of steep on the price, but I appreciated that it tasted more like champagne than OJ! That plus the server kept it regularly topped off for me. I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth. Although not so much that it’s skewing my review LOL.

I have to say the whole staff was just outstanding! Service was fast, friendly and personable. We’ll certainly be back to try some of the other breakfast items like an omelette or the cinnamon maple French toast.

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