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Chili’s Grill & Bar

The new loaded boneless wings at Chili’s are outstanding! They are smothered in a white queso, 3-cheese blend, applewood smoked bacon & chopped green onions. Served with a side of house made ranch dressing. I usually prefer my chicken on a bone but these were outrageous good! Best part was not feeling like I had to take a shower after eating it!

Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper of all places served up one of the best looking and best tasting calzones I’ve had! Looks like a pillow for crying out loud! I definitely had to lay down after eating this!

Also including a photo of my son’s meal. Pretty amazing looking for kids menu fare…

Grub Burger Bar

My favorite burger at Grub Burger Bar is called “You’re my Boy Blue”! Made with crumbled blue cheese, blue cheese spread, cracked peppercorn seasoning, balsamic caramelized onions, mater and arugula. Anything combining blue cheese and red meat is going to be a hit with me! I’ve had many versions of blue cheese burgers throughout SoCal and this one is definitely at the top!

Also tried their mac & cheese side with bacon. Not the hottest or best mac I’ve had, but tasty nonetheless.


Quick one today… Outstanding lobster mac & cheese at Quizno’s! A meal in itself, you can order this side plain for $5; with bacon or chicken for $6; with bacon and chicken for $7; or their lobster/seafood meat stuff for $8.

BBQ Tri Tip

My outstanding smoked tri tip using a reverse sear method.

La Cocina

Outstanding breakfast recently at La Cocina! One of my favorite restaurants in Old Town Ramona. I ordered a machaca plate – served with rice & beans and hot, supple tortillas. If you’ve never had machaca, it’s basically some sort of seasoned shredded beef cooked on the flattop with onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggs. Traditionally a breakfast dish, it can be made into burrito form, or just as a combination plate with tortillas, etc. One of my favorite Mexican dishes.

Village Pizzeria

My new favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian joint is Village Pizzeria in Coronado! In business since 2002 they specialize in family portions of quality Italian food, while providing a fun and friendly vibe. More than just a “pizza place”, they offer an extensive variety of mouthwatering Italian favorites made from the finest ingredients. Here’s an outstanding Chicken Parmigiana with some of the best garlic knots ever!

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding “Plato del 4S” at Miguel’s! Grilled skirt steak ala tampiquena and shrimp enchilada. One of the reasons I consider this place the best Mexican restaurant in SoCal is that every dish I order becomes my new favorite.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Outstanding Crispy Buffalo Bleu Crispers at Chili’s! Also one of the best fried cheese appetizers I’ve had. Crispy cheddar bites made with Wisconsin cheese curds.

Pete’s Smoked BBQ & Burgers

Breakfast for dinner recently at Pete’s smoked BBQ & burgers! I tried the legendary “Glamis Burrito” that I’ve heard so much about. It was outstanding! I’ve never had anything quite like it.

First of all, this burrito is giant! Made with bacon, sausage, chunks of ham, cheese, hash browns, eggs and country gravy. Only $8. All this stuff is chopped and mixed up so well it’s difficult to discern any individual ingredient while eating it. The gravy might sound odd, but it’s the perfect thing to bind it all together. I thought it was perfect. Great flavors and textures. Everything was perfectly homogenous.

Be warned, this burrito is roughly the size of a small dachshund. I asked them to cut it in half; Gail and I split it. Perfect amount. I’m afraid if I ate the whole thing I’d be in the hospital right now…

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