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Chicken Parmesan at D’Carlos! Covered in melted provolone cheese and marinara sauce, served with a side of spaghetti, tasty garlic bread and freshly shaved parmesan cheese, $13.25.

The first thing I noticed was the stunning presentation! The next thing I observed was the naked chicken breast! Traditional chicken parm is made with a breaded chicken breast so this was somewhat of a departure being not breaded. I have to tell you though, the more I ate, the more I liked it. The chicken was grilled to the perfect doneness and was quite juicy and tender. Personally, I prefer a crispy breaded breast, but this one didn’t feel like a lead weight in my gut after eating it. I’m sure it was less calories too for those who care about that sort of thing.

The pasta unfortunately was cooked well past al dente. I was really impressed though with the marinara sauce. In my opinion it would rival any good Italian restaurant within a reasonable driving distance. It was rich, flavorful and robust. Overall a great dish when you want something other than their signature beef or seafood dishes.


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  1. Awesome review !

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