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Old Town BBQ

The Ramona Mainstage is now sporting a full bar AND Texas style BBQ restaurant! Had to check out both recently at Old Town Bar-B-Que which is an extension of The Maincourse Restaurant. There’s a very simple menu of all the standard BBQ favorites like brisket, ribs, tri-tip, chicken, etc. You can order a big checked paper lined tray of meats and sides, or in the sammich form factor. I ordered the half pound brisket dinner, includes two sides.

Brisket came out better than I was expecting. Fairly tender, nice smoke ring and flavor, about 1/4 inch slices. Enough to where you can taste the meat with good mouth feel and chew. All the meats here are rubbed and served naked. All saucing is done on the side which I appreciate.

The mac salad was outstanding. Made with bowtie pasta, finely chopped celery and bits of ham. It was a nice tight consistency, although could have used some more contrasting textures. Maybe some red onion or something like that.

The tater salad at first seemed to be more loose and overly dressed. I quickly grew to love it though! It’s filled with a liberal amount of smokey bacon chunks that made it super tasty. Other sides include slaw, baked beans, and corn on the cob, all made fresh in-house.

If you’re a BBQ fan, I highly recommend checking out Old Town Bar-B-Que inside Ramona Mainstage. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 9pm. I’ll definitely be back soon!


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