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The London Bakery

Remarkably good Shepherd’s Pie at The London Bakery in Ramona, CA!

Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding chow mein with chicken & shrimps at my favorite Thai restaurant in Rancho Bernardo! Not that often you see a Chinese inspired chow mein type dish at a Thai place, but this was so nicely executed. Highly recommended if you ever visit CTK.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

So, I tried the new orange chicken at Pei Wei! It’s very fresh tasting and clearly made to order. Not frozen, that was obvious. I have to say, it is “Wei” better but I still love my Panda!

Brigantine Seafood

Exquisite oven roasted halibut at Brigantine in Poway!

Pinto Thai

Outstanding Thai fried rice with the most exquisite crepe cake at Pinto Thai in Ramona, CA!

Beach Mex

No frills enchilada plate at Beach Mex (closed) in El Segundo.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

In the world of pizza, Grimaldi’s is an institution! The family business began with the opening of their first location under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. They are now a small chain, dotted sporadically throughout the United States. I was fortunate enough recently to try California’s only location, in El Segundo. What sets this place apart are their coal-fired brick ovens. It produces a unique aroma, flavor and crisp crust that is just second to none. Definitely one of the best pies I’ve had in SoCal!

La Cocina

If there was ever a “comfort food” from any of our local taco shops, it would have to be this outstanding albondigas from La Cocina! The perfect dish during these cool fall and winter months.

Boll Weevil

One of my favorite burgers at the Weev, called simply, “Stacked”! Two quarter pound steerburger patties, stacked with just bacon and cheddar cheese. It doesn’t get any better than this. What’s really nice is the thoughtful placement of bacon so you can taste it in every bite. I really dislike the criss-cross bacon setup you typically see at most burger joints.

Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill

This is one of those many Mongolian girl type places you see around. It’s a neat concept, but kind of tricky for a first timer. You go through a buffet style line stuffing shaved frozen meats (of mediocre quality) into your bowl, then noodles, vegetables, etc. It’s really an art to stuff as much as you can into one bowl! You end up with an array of flavoring and spice type sauces at the end. This is where trial and error along with experience come into play. When all filled up you hand it to the cooks circling a huge round flattop grill where they cook it all up and plate it for you.

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