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Julian Gold Rush Hotel

My favorite memory of 2018 has to be our stay at the Julian Gold Rush Hotel!  This is a historic bed & breakfast in the heart of downtown Julian, CA.  The property is an 1890s national historic landmark and is the oldest operating hotel in Southern California. The vintage charm of this restored Victorian hotel is simply stunning!  All of the rooms, dining and common areas are decorated with a plethora of American period antiques.  
Lady FoodObs and I stayed in the “Patio Cottage” which is separate from the main building.  It has a cast iron fireplace and a veranda with views of their beautiful gardens.  Best part of this cottage was being able to smell the granola being made in the nearby kitchen.  Wouldn’t be a B&B without breakfast, right?  It was outstanding as you can see in the photo below.  Super delicious and such thoughtful plating.  Truly a remarkable experience all around.  Can’t wait to stay again in 2019.  Happy New Year!

Blue Door Winery

Blue Door Winery has a great tasting room up in Julian! Probably one of my new favorite spots “up the hill”. They’ve set up shop in the heart of town, converting old livery stables into a comfortable and charming tasting room. Here is their sangria which was simply exquisite!

Marinade on Main

Outstanding ham & cheese scramble at Marinade on Main in Ramona, CA!

Wholly Crepe

Outstanding savory Italian crepe at Wholly Crepe in Poway! Made with pepperoni, salami, ham, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and a delicious pesto mayo! One of my new favorite eating spots in Poway. They’ve recently opened a new location in San Marcos.

Phil’s BBQ

Outstanding new BBQ chicken wings at Phil’s BBQ! I think they’re only available during happy hour though.

Richmond Bar & Grill

I dearly adore blue cheese with all things beef. Recently I tried the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger at Richmond Bar & Grill and it was outstanding!  Perfectly grilled hand-formed beef patty was topped with a liberal amount of blue cheese crumbles and crispy bacon that I could taste in every bite.  This burger really tasted as good as it looks!
RBG is a hole in the wall neighborhood bar on Richmond Street in Old Town El Segundo, just two blocks west of Main Street.  Such a super comfortable, welcoming and laid back vibe here.  Can’t wait to visit again next time I’m in town.

Kountry Kitchen

Outstanding lunch recently at Kountry Kitchen! The KK menu includes an impressive selection of “Kountry Melts”. I ordered the Ortega Beef Melt, made with Ortega chile, sliced beef, and Swiss cheese on grilled sourdough. Only $10.99 with choice of side.

This was an excellent hot sammich! Stacks of thin sliced roast beef that was hot, juicy, tender, lean and flavorful. The roasted Ortega chile added a nice subtle smokey spice. The melted Swiss tightly bound it all together in between the perfectly grilled sourdough slices. I would order this again and again, but will probably try the meatloaf melt or patty melt next time.

For my side I chose the Amish macaroni salad in lieu of fries, etc. I am a mac salad connoisseur so I was looking forward to trying it. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it… not that great. It was fairly dry and flat tasting. Macaroni noodles were somewhat mealy in texture rather than having a nice bite and chew. Maybe that’s how Amish style is, I don’t know. I’ll try the fries or onion rings next time.

The Godfather

Tucked in the corner of a small, unassuming strip mall is The Godfather Restaurant. No, not the pizza place from back in the day – this is a top shelf, fancy Italian restaurant. Located in Kearny Mesa on Clairemont Mesa Blvd between Mercury and Convoy. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but it’s a really high end place. Impeccable service with waiters in tuxedos, etc. Old school, classic, dark atmosphere. Very romantic. Expect a bill for two, with “drinks” to approach Ben Franklin territory.

This time I ordered the Penne All’arrabbiata e Salcicce. Penne pasta and sausage in tomato sauce, seasoned spicy hot with Italian peppers. Simply outstanding!

Kountry Kitchen

Probably the most legit version of country fried steak you can find in Ramona! This one is definitely not off the Sysco truck.

Detroit Pizza

Another homemade masterpiece, this time Detroit Pizza! This is a style of pizza developed back in the day in Detroit, MI. It is a rectangular pizza that has a thick, crisp crust and toppings to the edge. A ton a cubed cheese is what makes this pie. Special pan available from Amazon; Lady FoodObs perfected the dough recipe; the rest is history. Our new favorite homemade pizza. Recipe was inspired by Jeff Mauro on the Food Network.

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