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North Italia

My favorite Italian restaurant in El Segundo is finally open in San Diego! North Italia recently opened two locations, in Fashion Valley Mall and Del Mar. This place really specializes in a hand crafted experience in all they do. The kitchen is open and everything, and their pasta is handmade from scratch daily. Here’s their house specialty, Bolognese. Traditional meat sauce with tagliatelle pasta and grana padano cheese. Simply outstanding!

Claim Jumper

Outstanding Cobb Salad at CJ! Not quite as good as The Par Lounge, but all the traditional ingredients were well represented.

La Taqueria Jalisco Catering

La Taqueria Jalisco is an outstanding food truck (trailer) that makes frequent visits to numerous soirées around Ramona. I first tried them at a tap takeover at Reds, Whites & Brews. Had an excellent order of carne asada nachos and a plate of street tacos. I just loved all the delicious flavors of hot sauce they give you on the side!

Wasa Sushi Bar & Grill

It’s about time I went in to check out the new Wasa Sushi Bar & Grill. I can’t believe I waited this long! A family run business with dad and daughters, I could not have felt more welcomed and at home. The place was even beautifully decorated for Christmas. I met the new proprietor and it was immediately evident that he has a passion for this business and making it succeed. It was almost infectious. Such a super nice guy and family. 

I ordered a Shrimp Tempura Roll. Made with tempura shrimp, crab, avocado, sprouts and cucumber; rolled with both nori and soy paper, topped with eel sauce. The presentation itself was simply stunning! It tasted as good as it looks, that I can tell you. The last time I ordered a shrimp tempura roll here (Da Tuna Shack), it was $9, in December 2014. Four years later, it’s still only $9! I was impressed. 

In my opinion there are only a handful of restaurants in Ramona that are absolute standouts. I now consider Wasa Sushi among them! If you’re not a fan of susie, there are plenty of other great options; they have much more than just sushi. In fact they’re open for lunch now with an expanded menu, including deli sandwiches, loaded fries and whatnot. I look forward to visiting Wasa again soon!


About once every five years I get a hankering for an Egg Mack Muffin! After eating this one, I realize why I’m content waiting another five years for the next one.

Black Angus

Outstanding New York strip steak at Black Angus in Esco! Plus two of my favorite sides there, onion rings and au gratin taters. The blue cheese wedge salad to start just kicks it all off perfectly.

Board & Brew

A rather unorthodox but very tasty Cobb Salad at Board & Brew in Del Sur! I am missing that ripe avocado though! I’m sorry, but the cucumber isn’t fooling me LOL. 😂

Embassy Suites

Outstanding cooked to order breakfast at Embassy Suites in El Segundo!

Tony’s on Aviation

I always love eating at Tony’s whenever I’m in El Segundo! Such a no frills, old school, super affordable eatery. I ordered lasagna again and it looked great. Unfortunately it was stone cold in the center. Next time I’ll just have to ask them to hold it in the oven longer because I really do like this place.

Casa Reveles

Outstanding taquitos with all the fixin’s at Casa Reveles in Ramona! Not the best Mexican food around but it’s always a delight to see Victor.

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