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I dearly adore Arby’s, but unfortunately they’re becoming an endangered species in San Diego. On a recent trip to Palmdale I was blessed to be staying at a hotel very close to their local Arby’s. I of course had to go all out and get the half pound roast beef sammich, like a boss! Required some major jaw articulation but it was worth it. Almost evaporated their supply of Arby and Horsey sauce 😂

Black Bear Diner

I have enjoyed many things at BBD, unfortunately their meatloaf was not one of them! Too much going on in their recipe and the consistency was rather dry. Difficult to eat the whole thing. The green beans also had some kind of funk going on. I much prefer the more traditional meatloaf at Cracker Barrel.

The Par Lounge

Lady Food Obs captured this stunning image of her New York Strip at The Par Lounge! I had a couple bites and it was outstanding. A 12 oz strip loin smothered with a whiskey peppercorn sauce, plus your choice of taters.

I had my beloved Doppio pizza. Probably one of the best I’ve had here!

Plaza Grill

Outstanding teriyaki chicken with steamed rice and mac salad at Barona Casino’s Plaza Grill! A classic Hawaiian dish that I’ve loved for years, I was glad to see them add it to the menu. Plaza Girl always has a thoughtful selection of delicious menu items ranging from lobster rolls, to burgers, to sushi. They’re adding new things regularly. I really enjoy dining here.

BT’s Southern BBQ

Outstanding BBQ brisket and pulled pork at BT’s Southern BBQ in Huntington Beach!

CJ’s Cafe

Breakfast always tastes better with an orange wedge on the plate! Old school, greasy spoon diner fare at its finest. Outstanding CFS breakfast at CJ’s Cafe in Arroyo Grande, CA.

The Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant

Quite possibly the worst calamari I’ve ever put in my mouth! At The Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant in Arroyo Grande, CA. From the outside, this place clearly used to be a Coco’s or Carrows. That should have been my first clue.

Splash Cafe

The Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach was an absolute trip! This place is very much a dive with a consistent line out the door. Clearly a local institution and I can see why. Excellent, fresh seafood with fast, friendly service. Fried clam strips were outstanding. The chowder here is very popular so I ordered a cup. Not among the best I’ve had, but very tasty. You can order it heaped with a number of toppings like bacon, onions, cheese, random seafood, etc. Even in a bread bowl. I am definitely coming back here next time I’m in SLO.


The presentation was somewhat shambolic this time, but such an excellent dish of spaghetti & ravioli (aka half & half) at Pernicano’s in El Cajon!

Raising Cane’s

Finally made it into Raising Cane’s in Santee! I ordered “The Box Combo”. Very tasty, although their slaw is no more remarkable than the Colonel’s. Everything else was, so that’s good. Especially their great house dipping sauces!

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