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Sombrero Mexican Food

(Visited November 26, 2019) This is the “Special Burrito” at Sombrero’s, and what a marvel it is! Your choice of shredded beef or chicken with (beans), rice and lettuce made into a huge burrito roughly the size of a small pillow. The whole thing is then made amazing with a liberal blanketing of their signature enchilada sauce and cheese. Unfortunately they did not top with nearly as much cheese as the last time I had one. I could eat this everyday but I’d probably weigh 300 pounds…

The Kebab Shop

(Visited November 25, 2019) Outstanding “Carved Chicken” at TKS in Rancho Bernardo! Kind of like a shawarma. Unfortunately they didn’t have their cucumber salad so I got the Greek salad instead. Wasn’t very good. Hopefully it was just a fluke.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto

(Visited November 23, 2019) Excellent order of half & half spaghetti and lasagna at Filippi’s in Santee! It was accompanied by a huge, tender and flavorful meatball and one of the best antipasto salads you’ll find anywhere. Filippi’s is a San Diego institution, in business since 1950. They’ve grown into a small chain of old-school red sauce Italian restaurants dotted throughout SoCal.

Boll Weevil

(Visited November 22, 2019) Outstanding Pastrami Burger at Boll Weevil in Ramona! Quarter pound steerburger covered with melted Swiss cheese, topped with with a pile of hot ‘strami and more melty Swiss. I ordered with their excellent, hot & crispy onion rings.

El Adobe de Capistrano

(Visited November 18, 2019) In business since 1948, El Adobe is a stunning, old restaurant in beautiful San Juan Capistrano! In fact, the site has been designated a California State Historic Landmark. I ordered the “President’s Choice”. It was a favorite of President Nixon, served on countless occasions at El Adobe and the Western White House. It is comprised of a chile relleno, chicken enchilada and a shredded beef taco. Tricky Dick had great taste in Mexican food, that I can tell you!

The Hatch Rotisserie & Bar

(Visited November 17, 2019) Such a stunning restaurant and the culinary highlight of our trip! The Hatch is an outstanding rotisserie and bar located near the charming town square in Paso Robles wine country. We enjoyed numerous excellent plates, including this flat iron steak and Brussels sprouts.

Opolo Vineyards

Outstanding pizza and wines at Opolo in Paso Robles, CA! Just driving out to this winery is a treat. Two lane winding road through California’s beautiful central coast heartland. Fantastic tasting rooms that include spirits, etc.

Rosa’s Italian Restaurant

(Visited November 16, 2019) Excellent cannelloni at Rosa’s in Pismo Beach! Cannelloni is not a common dish in Italian restaurants so when I see it on the menu I usually order it. This one had to be among the best I’ve had! Rosa’s is a top-shelf Italian restaurant with fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend them if you’re ever visiting California’s beautiful central coast.

Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant

(Visited November 15, 2019) Outstanding shredded beef chimichanga at Tio Leo’s in Poway! Perfectly hot and crispy. Garnished beautifully with lettuce, mater, tomatillo sauce, cheese, guacamole & sour cream. Served with Spanish rice (and beans). Lady FoodObs and I also shared this carne asada quesadilla as an appetizer. You can order it as the traditional soft folded variety, or this “crisp” version. Kind of greasy but very tasty.

Phil’s BBQ

(Visited November 12, 2019) Outstanding Half Rib Dinner at Phil’s BBQ in Santee! I always order mine sauce on the side, or “SOS” as they say at Phil’s. I believe this is one of their two locations still open for takeout during all this ‘rona mess.

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