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Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding “Enchiladas Rancheras” at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch! House-made spicy ground beef with onions & cheese, blanketed with a rich and flavorful tomato ranchero sauce, avocado & crema.

The Par Lounge

Excellent Hot Pastrami sandwich with tasty fried tots at The Par Lounge in Ramona!

Italian Cucina

Decent baked penne thing at Barona Casino’s Italian Cucina. It used to be a lot better. Starting to see signs of corner cutting with less ingredients and overall quality. Also not baked to perfection like the last time I had it.

Mariscos Mar de Cortez

Outstanding “Tampiquena” at Mariscos Mar de Cortez! I’ve been eating here since they opened and this is probably one of the finest dishes I’ve had here. I appreciate that everything comes out on a screaming hot plate – too hot to touch. One of my key metrics when judging a good Mexican restaurant. Created in 1939, Tampiquena is a popular meat dish in Mexico. Typically consisting of strips of roasted meat, enchiladas, etc. At Mar de Cortez they’re using a delicious grilled carne asada flap meat. Includes one cheese enchilada and all the fixin’s appropriate for a Mexican combination plate – plus hot, supple tortillas. Only $17.99.
I’ve had to endure eating in parking lots for a while now. What they’ve done here is really impressive. One of the best examples I’ve experienced so far with ample shade. Not nearly as miserable as I was expecting when I see it driving by. Even on a 100 degree day! Numerous oscillating fans ring the perimeter; attractive foliage; good music and whatnot. They even had the banquettes out there. Although the one I sat at could have been more level.
Like most Mexican restaurants, there’s now a nominal fee for chips & salsa. Only $2.50 here but the serving size is noticably larger than what I recall pre-‘rona. Lastly, I have to give high praise to their “salad” that acompanies some of the seafood meals. See photo below. A simple cabbage and mater blend tossed is a tasty dressing. It was super good! I could not shovel it in fast enough. Perfect on a hot day.

Pinto Thai

Asian food makes the best takeout, that I can tell you! Pinto Thai for the win with this outstanding Pa-Nang Curry with chicken. Served with a generous side of hot steamed white rice. Everything was so thoughtfully packaged too.

Red House Cafe

Lady FoodObs had a recent road trip to NorCal and had this stunning eggs Benedict at Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove! I immediately noticed there was a croissant in lieu of an English muffin. Such a great looking dish that I would have loved to try.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

A rather unorthodox but delicious antipasto salad from Ramona Lisa Pizza!

Junction 52 Bar & Grill

Tasty Pastrami Sandwich at Junction 52 in Santee! Loved the addition of lettuce, maters & onion which cut through the rich fattiness of the delicious ‘strami.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding Denver Omelette for weekend brunch at The Par Lounge in Ramona! Deck is open for dining with their stunning views. Always consistently good omelettes here, perfectly cooked. I was joined this time by Tapatio Man. It’s usually Cholula Lady so I was kind of surprised.

Mi Guadalajara

Excellent chile relleno and taquitos lunch special at Mi Guad in Escondido!

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