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Fat Olives

Beautiful “Ms. Piggy” pizza photographed by Lady FoodObs at Fat Olives in Flagstaff, AZ! Made with a creamy pesto, mozzarella/provolone blend, smoked bacon, Molinari pistachio mortadella, wood-roasted onion and topped with an elegant basil chiffonade.

Wasa Sushi

Wasa is our local Ramona sushi type restaurant. Ownership of this place changes every couple of years. Sometimes the name too. I don’t think they’re even open right now. Not sure why. During my last visit I enjoyed a nice shrimp tempura roll and crispy gyoza.

Whisk and Whisky

Lady FoodObs stunning image of the “Steak Gaucho” at Whisk and Whiskey in Flagstaff, AZ!

Mamma Ramona’s

I finally checked out the new Mamma Ramona’s recently for dine-in! Upon entering I was immediately struck by the interior remodel. The place looks stunning. I recall going into Mamma Rosa back in the day; it always felt like being in a funeral home. The parking lot is much improved, too. It used to seem like war-torn Kosovo. Craters and what not. It’s nice and smooth now.
I ordered one of my favorite dishes, cannelloni, which is not often found on Italian restaurant menus. House-made pasta sheets rolled around a beef and sausage filling; topped with red sauce & mozz then baked off. Sort of like an Italian enchilada. Mamma Ramona’s cannelloni was outstanding! Warning: when it comes out, it’s about 9,000 degrees. Allow it to cool for a few minutes and start with small bites. My dinner included garlic bread plus choice of soup or salad, only $15.
If you know me, you know I love salads in a wooden bowl. Imagine my delight when my salad came out in a wooden bowl just like at the Weev. The greens were fresh and crisp, with none of that fancy tissue paper lettuce that you can’t even stab with a fork. There was no juice spooge from my pepperoncini, totally dry inside, but the flesh was firm and tasty. My son had the lobster bisque. I didn’t try it but it looked rather thick and viscous. He used the term “pudding” to describe the consistency.
I am pleased to report that Mamma Ramona’s is now serving beer & wine! Overall it was a really nice experience. I was impressed. The service was thorough, friendly and knowledgable. If there were ever any “kinks” after the ownership transition, they have been “worked out”. I will say, the chairs at their new high-top tables are somewhat uncomfortable, but you get used to it after a few minutes. Highly recommended.

The Par Lounge

Excellent char-broiled salmon at The Par Lounge in Ramona!

Marechiaro’s Italian Restaurant

Outstanding manicotti at Marechiaro’s!

Claim Jumper

Excellent Lobster BLT sandwich at Clam Jumper in San Diego!

Black Bear Diner

Visiting BBD during all the ‘rona mess was kind of a sad affair. Limited menu, etc. They were trying hard, I felt bad for them. “Joe’s Hobo Omelette” was tasty, but sadly no strip cut hash browns.

Casa Machado Mexican Restaurant

Casa Machado is a fun, family style Mexican restaurant with great views of the Montgomery Field flight activity. This place has been a San Diego institution since 1970. The food is not highly refined but it represents perfectly the delicious SoCal Mexican food that San Diegan’s have loved for generations. I am definitely having my next birthday dinner here! This place goes all out with the most loud, obnoxious and just plain fun singing ever. Such a lost art at restaurants these days.

The Par Lounge

Tasty “Main Street BLTA” omelette at The Par Lounge for brunch. Smashed avocado, bacon, tomato, cheddar & jack cheese. Not sure what the “L” stands for. Unfortunately the cook added mushrooms which left me shocked and appalled.

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