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Congratulations to D’Carlos on their grand re-opening (April 2021)! A Ramona institution since 1977, they’re finally emerging from their protracted ‘rona shutdown. There has been a sad culinary vacuum in town without them. Although an established restaurant, they’re re-opening with many new staff members. Right off the bat they were firing on all cylinders. Service, food temps, timing, etc., everything was excellent.
I have dined here many times but this was my first time trying the meatloaf. The generous portion here is a simple, traditional recipe that I found to be quite good. Moist, flavorful and not overly dense. No fussy bacon wrappings or weird ingredients; just a basic ‘chup glaze. Also blanketed with a silky, delicious brown gravy. Mashed taters were proper with a nice texture. Comes with bread. Outstanding dish.


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