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Vigilucci’s Seafood & Steakhouse

First time visiting a Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group restaurant and I was really impressed! There are 3 locations around the Carlsbad/Leucadia area and we went to the Vigilucci’s Seafood & Steakhouse. Located right on the beach (across a highway) with stunning ocean views. Service was top shelf from the valet and all throughout. Sidenote: I made reservations through OpenTable and received angry messages from them after the fact that I was a no-show. This was most inaccurate! I can only guess the restaurant didn’t get me checked in against my reservation.

Food overall was excellent. I started with the Insalata alla Caprese. I’m not conviced these were “heirloom” tomatoes like the menu said, but it was delicious nonetheless. Also had the Spaghetti Portofino. Exquisite dish! A gustatory adventure for any seafood lover. Calamari, rock shrimp, mussels, Manila clams, a diver scallop and a jumbo prawn nearly the size of a small lobster tail. The Mediterranean pesto was betther than I was expecting. Light, yet richly flavored. Spaghetti pasta was properly al dente. I really enjoyed this dish. Lady FoodObs had a perfectly cooked steak with side of fettucine Alfredo. The fettucine pasta was clearly house-made, unfortunately had somewhat of an off-putting gummy texture.

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