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Tiramisu Trattoria

I really enjoyed visiting Tiramisu Trattoria in downtown La Mesa! The restaurant is fairly small and most charming. Perfect for a date night with a great selection of Italian wines. Service was very good and professional. I easily made reservations via the Yelp app, but wound up not needing them as we were the only patrons at the time. The menu here is one page, consisting of appetizers, pizzas, composed pasta dishes and entrees. Some of my Italian restaurant favorites were sadly missing though, such as chicken parmigiana, carbonara, cannelloni, etc.

I ordered the “Lasagna Bolognese” and it was outstanding. A decent sized portion that was plated nicely and held together well. It did not fall apart on itself as some poorly constructed lasagnas do. It was served mostly hot throughout, although the center mass was somewhat cool. My Insalata Cesare (Caesar Salad) was excellent. Appropriately dressed, although was somewhat lacking on their tasty croutons. Bread service here is exquisite! Two types served warm and fresh tasting; a focaccia and some sort of Italian loaf. Comes with a side a EVOO and balsamic. We laid waste very quickly to the first basket and the waiter thoughtfully brought us another without fuss. Really impressed!

You cannot go to a place called “Tiramisu Trattoria” and not order tiramisu for dessert! Honestly, I was kind of surprised and expected better. It was rather plainly presented and tasted similar to many other tiramisu I’ve had at other Italian restaurants. I would not consider it a stand out or anything special but it was tasty nonetheless. Overall this place is a fantastic restaurant and I highly recommend.


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