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Hasty Tasty Pancake House

Definitely among the most memorable restaurants I visited while in Ohio! Hasty Tasty Pancake House is a legit, old school diner serving up some great breakfast. I just love saying the name “Hasty Tasty Pancake House”. So much fun. Few places make me feel like I’m in a time warp and this was certainly one of them. I had an outstanding CFS breakfast with perfectly cooked sunny side eggs, even a side of B&G. I had to lay down after this one. Good thing it was a Saturday and I had nothing to do but laundry at the hotel. That was an odyssey in itself but I digress. The funniest part is when I asked the waitress for some hot sauce. She felt around in her apron pocket and pulled out two packets. Upon close examination I observed that this hot sauce was made in New Jersey! It could not have been more obvious that I was NOT in SoCal LOL.

Texas Roadhouse

Back to that same Texas Roadhouse across from my hotel where I had that great grilled chicken salad. This time was the worst “prime rib” I’ve ever put in my mouth. That salad though with the boiled egg, etc. was outstanding. Not to mention the warm yeast rolls and soft butter from the get go. I could just eat a basket full of those.

Marion’s Piazza

I visited another Ohio institution at the recommendation of a local co-worker and I’m so glad that I did! Marion’s Piazza has been in business since 1965 and has grown to 9 locations throughout the Dayton region. The menu is simple and focuses on the 4 best food groups. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salad. The place is cavernous and somewhat of a trip. Ideal for large families or groups. There were so many tables that could seat a dozen or more comfortably. I felt out of place dining solo. Seemed like I should have had half my family tree with me. That pizza I had was excellent! Perfectly thin, crispy crust, cut tavern style and such a liberal amount of Italian sausage.

The Pub Beavercreek

The Pub claims to have the best fish & chips in the U.S. Well, I tried them and I can tell you that I don’t disagree! Beer-battered haddock, house-made tarter sauce, etc. I just loved this British pub. Great menu, beers, beautiful decor and genuine hospitality.

Giovanni’s Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano

Located in downtown Fairborn, OH, Giovanni’s has been an institution since 1953. I loved this restaurant so much I visited again before my time in Ohio came to a close. This is definitely in old school place that specializes in pizza, pasta and delicious salads. I had an outstanding order of spaghetti with two meatballs.

Texas Roadhouse

Just a short walk across the parking lot from my hotel was this Texas Roadhouse in Fairborn, OH. I wound up eating here a couple times since it was so convenient. Had an outstanding grilled chicken salad in their stunning bar area. Also enjoyed a couple draft IPAs. This is when I began noticing and observing that the salad dressing here is always served on the side for some reason. I had many salads while in Ohio and not one was pre-dressed.

Skyline Chili

Back in January I had the distinct honor of spending two weeks in southwest Ohio, courtesy of my employer. I of course took advantage of the opportunity to seek out some good Ohio foodstuffs. I quickly realized that Ohio cuisine consists primarily of three food groups. Chili, pizza and bar food.

As soon as I got off the plane in Dayton and before checking in to my hotel I headed straight for Skyline Chili. This place epitomizes the Ohio culinary scene. Founded in 1949, Skyline Chili is a chain of chili restaurants dotted throughout the region. The restaurant is kind of a trip. Unlike any place I’ve experienced in SoCal.

The popular thing to order is known as “Cincinnati Chili”. A bed of steaming spaghetti blanketed with their original secret-recipe (no bean) chili, then a heaping mound of shredded cheddar cheese. This is known as 3-Way. I had mine 4-Way which includes your choice of diced onions or beans. 5-Way is all of the above. The dish is visually stunning and tastes just as good as it looks. All that cheese though had me stopped up for a week.

Mimi’s Cafe

Outstanding meatloaf, good broccoli, and terrible potatoes au gratain at Mimi’s in Santee.

Meat Monsters Grill

Excellent Panko crusted fried chicken sammich at MMG in Ramona! The chicken was perfectly cooked, moist, tender and hot. The panko crust was nicely seasoned and crispy. I don’t have to tell you how big and generous the size was. Just look at that beautiful photo. It was quite a bit to handle but I plowed through. Krinkle cut fries were hot & crispy. Remarkable meal at an affordable price.

Sushi Kami

Outstanding Crunch Shrimp Roll at Sushi Kami in Rancho Bernardo! Tempura shrimp, krab, avocado, & cucumber, topped with crunch and eel sauce.

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