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Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen

Great trip to Las Vegas last March! Dinner the first night was at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen at the Linq Hotel. Such a fun place with an infectious vibe. Everyone was ordering Trashcan Nachos but I went for the Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger! Voted best burger in Las Vegas by Seven Magazine and winner of New York City Food & Wine Festival’s Burger Bash. This masterpiece included crispy applewood smoked bacon, six cheese mac & cheese, onion straws, LTOP, super melty cheese & donkey sauce, all stacked on a garlic-buttered brioche bun. This one definitely required some serious jaw articulation. It was like a rock concert between two buns. Should have been served with a drop cloth.


Excellent hotcakes at Denny’s in Ramona! I just love the supple, porous texture that just soaks up that soft, melted butter like a sponge.

La Palapa Mexican Restaurant & Cocktails

Outstanding #4 Combination, Tamale & Enchilada, at La Palapa in Lakeside!

Kountry Kitchen

I “parked in rear” and enjoyed an excellent Denver Omelette for brunch at Kountry Kitchen in Ramona!

Ottavio’s Italian Restaurant

Outstanding “Rigatoni Ottavio’s” at Ottavio’s in Lakeside! Rigatoni tossed in ricotta, mozzarella, Romano cheese and baked in a creamy meat sauce. There’s nothing better than a hearty baked pasta dish full of cheese and meaty, saucy goodness. Be careful though, it always comes out as hot as the surface of the sun!

Sofie’s Pita

Sofie’s Pita is Ramona’s (second) newest restaurant and it’s a wonderful Greek/Meditteranean type affair that’s worth checking out! It’s an order at the counter and find a seat type of place. Despite that, the service was really nice. For my inaugural visit I kept things simple with a Gyros Sandwich with fries. It was artfully presented on a wooden plank but that proved unnecessary. Too much was put on a small plank that it made everything awkward to eat. I’d also recommend ordering tzatziki on the side. My sandwich had such a huge, uneven blob of it. The fries were surprisingly good! Perfectly hot and crispy. Baklava was excellent! I’m definitely looking forward to visiting Sofa’s Pita again soon. Maybe I’ll try one of their combination plates with beef and chicken shawarma.


About once every five years I enjoy a nice Big Mac from McDonald’s! Fortunately my office is near the Rancho Bernardo Mack Donald’s which is pretty nice inside. Sadly our Ramona location continues to sit like an empty mausoleum.

The Par Lounge and Deck

Fat Tuesday fell later than usual this year, on March 1st. As has been our tradition for a few years, we always dine at the Par Lounge to enjoy Chef Ben’s great Cajun/Creole specials. This year was an exquisite Jambalaya which I really enjoyed!

Sidny’s Bagels & Deli

Excellent “Roast Beef BLT Sandwich” at Sidny’s in Rancho Bernardo! This place is a great New York style deli offering a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. They slice the meat after you order the sandwich so it can be as fresh as possible.

Casa Machado Mexican Restaurant

Outstanding “Two Enchiladas” combination plate at Casa Machado! I ordered one beef and one cheese. Always a great meal and time when visiting here.

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