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Karl Strauss

Outstanding Boneless Buffalo Wings at Karl Strauss in 4S Ranch!

Yard House

Excellent fried calamari at Yard House in Palmdale, CA! I really appreciated the fact that the hideous spidery legs were kept to a minimum.

Grub Burger Bar

One of the best appetizers in SoCal! Cheese fries with grilled, thin-sliced jalapeños, bacon, etc. I dearly adore the skinny, crispy shoestring style fries they use. The burgers are always top shelf and I usually order something different every time. This appetizer though is a must for each visit.

North Italia

Outstanding spaghetti and meatballs at North Italia in El Segundo! Also had their excellent appetizer known as “Zucca Chips”. Zucchini sliced paper thin and fried. So good!

The Par Lounge

My new favorite appetizer at The Par Lounge has to be their Crispy Green Beans! Made with an onion batter and served with a super tasty chipotle buttermilk dressing. Simply outstanding!

The Par Lounge

I’ve been eating calamari at The Par Lounge for years. I’ve ridden the roller coaster of varying qualities they’ve put out. Sometimes excellent, sometimes it seemed like a bowling alley snack bar. The new menu at Par/OG features the outstanding appetizer “S&P Calamari”. By far, their best yet! $14 ($2 off during happy hour).

Super delicious and artfully presented, I easily and happily ate the whole thing. It’s adorned with beautifully blistered shishito peppers, roasted peanuts, fresh lime, etc. Includes sides of a tasty, sweet chili sauce and a savory peanut sauce. A very nice Asian inspired spin on calamari that’s not over the top.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding happy hour appetizers at The Par Lounge! Tater skins, fried chicken tenders, etc. The only thing missing is their excellent calamari.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

The new loaded boneless wings at Chili’s are outstanding! They are smothered in a white queso, 3-cheese blend, applewood smoked bacon & chopped green onions. Served with a side of house made ranch dressing. I usually prefer my chicken on a bone but these were outrageous good! Best part was not feeling like I had to take a shower after eating it!

The Par Lounge

Outstanding dinner recently at The Par Lounge. Here’s the “Combo Platter” from the appetizer menu. It includes tater skins, fried mozzarella, onion rings and chicken tenders. Served with sides of ranch dressing, warm marinara and sour cream.

Comes with three skins which were great, crispy and hot with an ample amount of cheese. Could have used more bacon and green onions though. The fried cheese was a fairly conservative portion, but excellent nonetheless. Triangle shapes that yielded a perfect cheese pull. There was a very liberal amount of onion rings which is fine with me. For frozen, institutional rings, these are some of the best in town. Five crispy chicken tenders rounded it all out.

Now obviously this is a sea of fried brown goodness and not something you want to eat everyday! Occasionally though it’s a nice treat. The only other restaurant I eat at with this much brown on one plate would be Cracker Barrel. Good thing for my pants size there’s none close by. This whole platter is plenty for two hungry adults, or two average adults with picky child.

The Par Lounge 

Best chicken tender appetizer in town is at The Par Lounge, that I can tell you!  Likely frozen and off the Sysco truck, it’s still a high quality, fried chicken tender.  Coupled with their hot, crispy fries, it’s a meal in itself.  Pairs perfectly with ranch dressing, BBQ sauce and a draft IPA. 

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