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Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Outstanding Chicago Dog at Freddy’s in Yuma! I don’t order these often because they’re such a hot mess and hard to eat. All of the contrasting flavors and textures though are just extraordinary.


El Charro Cafe

One of my favorite things to order at any Mexican restaurant is a wet burrito! El Charro Cafe in Yuma makes probably the best one I’ve had. This one is called the “Red Saddle”. Smothered with a delicious red chili con carne. They also make a green chili version called… (are you ready for this?)… the “Green Saddle”. This is one of the most stunning dishes I’ve been served in a Mexican restaurant. I felt like I had to lay down after eating only half of it.

Oriental House

Back in Yuma! Seems like I was just here LOL. I was determined to find some good Chinese food on this trip and I did just that. I went to Oriental House on 4th Avenue. Or as the locals call it, “The O-House”. This is a really cool restaurant with just the right amount of funky. It’s obvious this place used to be some sort of diner back in the day. I ordered the House Special Fried Rice and it was outstanding! The won ton soup I started with was some of the best I’ve had. Looking forward to coming back here.

Cracker Barrel

A week in Yuma wouldn’t be complete without at least two trips to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! This time “Uncle Herschel’s Favorite” with a big, beautiful slab of country ham.

El Charro Cafe

In business since 1949, El Charro Cafe is one of my new favorite restaurants in Yuma! This place is old school, legit Mexican food. The same recipes have been passed down through the family for generations. Here’s a huge tamale smothered with an outstanding red chili sauce.

Prison Hill Brewing Company

Outstanding pulled pork poutine and two smoked meat plate at Prison Hill Brewing! This place is Yuma’s only craft brewery and serves some of the finest food I’ve had in downtown Yuma.

Cracker Barrel

Round two at the Barrel, this time for breakfast! I usually order the “Old Timers Breakfast”. Smoked sausage patties, hash brown casserole, hen fruit, hot biscuits & gravy, delicious grits. Always outstanding.

Cracker Barrel

Outstanding fried catfish & hush puppies at Cracker Barrel in Yuma, AZ! I always choose my three favorite vegetables, mac & cheese, hash brown casserole and fried okra. It all finished off nicely with some delicious hot biscuits.

Mariscos Mar Azul

This is NOT an April Fool’s joke! Yes, I ate seafood in Yuma and it was outstanding! Mariscos Mar Azul is one of my new favorite restaurants in Arizona’s southwest region. The place is kind of trippy. The instant I walked in I could tell immediately it used to be a Chinese restaurant. Why waste time redecorating when you should be focused on cranking out excellent Mexican seafood dishes, right? Never experienced a place like this in SoCal. Anyway, this garlic shrimp dish was just delicious. Served with a side of rice and salad. Can’t wait to go back next time I’m rolling though AZ.

Cracker Barrel

Big, beautiful slab of meatloaf surrounded by some of my favorite vegetables! At the Cracker Barrel in Yuma, AZ.

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