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Way Point Saloon

Visited June 12, 2020 – Bars are finally open again so I enjoyed an outstanding burger and a couple of ice cold draft IPAs at Way Point Saloon! I ordered the “Bacon n Bleu” for $14.95. Crumbled applewood smoked bacon with crumbled blue cheese piled with the standard burger set of lettuce, mater, onion & pickles. I’ve had this one before. I could actually taste the bacon this time although could have used more blue cheese. Overall an excellent burger. Included a side of their delicious beer battered fries.

Grub Burger Bar

Excellent “Golden Gate Sourdough” burger at Grub in Carmel Mountain Ranch! Almost looks like some burgers I’ve had at JIB!

Embassy Suites

Outstanding cooked to order breakfast at Embassy Suites in El Segundo!

Claim Jumper

Outstanding Cobb Salad at CJ! Not quite as good as The Par Lounge, but all the traditional ingredients were well represented.

Board & Brew

A rather unorthodox but very tasty Cobb Salad at Board & Brew in Del Sur! I am missing that ripe avocado though! I’m sorry, but the cucumber isn’t fooling me LOL. 😂

Embassy Suites

Outstanding cooked to order breakfast at Embassy Suites in El Segundo!

The Par Lounge

Mac & cheese has always been my favorite vegetable! This new version on the appetizer menu at The Par Lounge is just excellent! Definitely the best mac in Ramona. Also had a tasty dinner salad with a rather avant-garde selection of greens.

Detroit Pizza

We made another outstanding homemade Detroit Pizza! This time in lieu of red sauce, I made a white, creamy Parmesan/garlic sauce. Then topped with chunks of grilled chicken, crispy bacon and a pound of cheese!

Grub Burger Bar

One of the best appetizers in SoCal! Cheese fries with grilled, thin-sliced jalapeños, bacon, etc. I dearly adore the skinny, crispy shoestring style fries they use. The burgers are always top shelf and I usually order something different every time. This appetizer though is a must for each visit.

Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks

One of my favorite burgers at Islands is called “Bleunami”. Made with blue cheese dressing, lettuce, mater and red onion. I always request bacon. Just excellent!

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