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The London Bakery

Remarkably good Shepherd’s Pie at The London Bakery in Ramona, CA!

The London Bakery

The London Bakery has hit an absolute home run with their amazing chicken pot pie! I was finally able to try one recently and it was outstanding! Comfort food at it’s finest. It was immediately evident that these pies are skillfully and artfully prepared using a traditional English recipe. They use a shortcrust on the bottom which is then filled with the most savory and hearty pot pie filling. It consisted of numerous large chunks of tender breast meat and a few vegetables in a flavorful cream/white wine/tarragon sauce. The whole thing is topped with puff pastry that came out brilliantly crispy, flaky, buttery and tasty! Back in the day I recall being a fan of the Chicken Pie Shop downtown, but those were pretty institutional by comparison. If you’re a pot pie fan like I am, you’ve gotta check these out. I don’t believe they’re available every day but I recommend following them on FB, The London Bakery, where they regularly publicize their specials. To my knowledge you can also purchase them uncooked to bake at home. Great idea for the upcoming cooler fall and winter months. This fantastic bakery is definitely putting Ramona on the map. I’ve had the puff pastries, scones, sausage rolls here and other goodies, so I can see why people are coming “up the hill” to shop at this special place.

The London Bakery

Quick one today! Outstanding cream puffs at The London Bakery! Only $3.75 each… filled liberally with sweet cream, all inside a reasonably flaky pastry shell. Almost the size of a small baby’s head. Two people could easily share just one.

Edelweiss Bakery

Here’s a great pecan bar from Edelweiss Bakery.  This place has been in business since 1967.  Two locations in San Diego with a history of more than three decades serving some pretty elite clientele.  What they put out is just amazing!


Donut Touch Bakery & Cafe

There is a fantastic new donut shop in 4S Ranch called Donut Touch. It’s actually more than just a run of the mill donut shop. They also have bagels and sammiches. Shown here are my favorite French creullers and maple bars adorned with chunks of bacon! Yes, you heard that right…




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