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Way Point Saloon

Probably one of the most remarkable burger creations in town, and my personal favorite, is the ‘Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger’ at Way Point Saloon! A half pound pure beef patty is seared on the grill then basted with a maple syrup/brown sugar/cayenne pepper/bourbon glaze. It all seeps into the meat while it finishes cooking and gets slightly caramelized on the edges. What sends this burger over the top has to be the mound of deep fried red onions & jalapeños! Outstanding flavor combinations and textures going on here.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

“Alex’s Santa Fe Burger” at Chili’s was super tasty although quite the hot mess! It’s stacked high with avocado, pepper jack cheese, red onion, roasted jalaps, mater, pickles, cilantro and some sort of spicy Santa Fe sauce.

Players Sports Bar

A rather unorthodox yet tasty Cobb salad at Players in Poway. I probably would not order this again here.

Way Point Saloon

Recently tried some new great appetizers at Way Point Saloon in Ramona, CA! Mac & cheese egg rolls made with their delicious bacon mac & cheese. It’s rolled up in an egg roll wrapper, then fried, etc. it was just excellent. Also tried their new spin on tater skins. Marinated steak and bacon crumbles fill these deep fried tater boats, then it’s topped with two different melty cheeses, green onions, etc. It was really tasty.

Rock & Brews

Always outstanding pizza at Rock & Brews in El Segundo!

Urge Gastropub

Outstanding Beer Cheese Fries at Urge Gastropub in Rancho Bernardo! Founded in 2010, Urge is the American reinterpretation of the traditional English pub. One of my favorite restaurants in RB.

Encinitas Ale House

Happy Pi Day! Let’s have a delicious pie at Encinitas Ale House! Definitely one of my faves in SoCal.

Way Point Saloon

The appetizer menu at Way Point Saloon / Up the Hill Grill continues to evolve in creative and exciting ways! Here’s an outstanding order of duck wings. Deep fried and glazed with a honey citrus bourbon sauce. I was expecting them to be a little more meaty, but they were delicious nonetheless.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding ‘Maple Bacon Burger’ recently at The Par Lounge! Made with bacon, crispy fried onions, smoked cheddar, and a spiced maple bourbon sauce. $14 with side of fries (or sweet tater fries or o-rings).

This style of burger has been a favorite of mine for several years, especially from UTHG. When OG/Par added it to their menu I was excited to try it and finally did so. The maple bourbon sauce at Par has a remarkable depth of flavor, unlike anything I’ve had on a burger. It was excellent. I’m not quite sure where it was added in the cooking process, but it seemed to be at the end. And maybe too much of it. This contributed to more of a hot mess hand-feel when eating. At UTHG it’s basted in during the cooking process on the grill, leading to more of a glazed patty that I appreciate. Especially when it becomes somewhat candied along the edges. 

The amount of crumbled bacon on the Par burger is second to none. Comes through with gusto in every bite. The beef patty I ordered med-well and it came out hot, juicy and with the perfect amount of light pink center. Overall, this was definitely among the few top shelf burgers I’ve eaten in Ramona. I’m looking forward to trying their Gorgonzola burger next time.

Richmond Bar & Grill

I dearly adore blue cheese with all things beef. Recently I tried the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger at Richmond Bar & Grill and it was outstanding!  Perfectly grilled hand-formed beef patty was topped with a liberal amount of blue cheese crumbles and crispy bacon that I could taste in every bite.  This burger really tasted as good as it looks!
RBG is a hole in the wall neighborhood bar on Richmond Street in Old Town El Segundo, just two blocks west of Main Street.  Such a super comfortable, welcoming and laid back vibe here.  Can’t wait to visit again next time I’m in town.

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