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Turkey Inn

Ramona’s quintessential dive bar, the Turkey Inn.  A local institution since 1938.  Today they still serve the cheapest drinks in Ramona.  Locals refer to it affectionately as “the bird”.  We visit every now and then, usually only after a recent tetanus shot. 


Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 

Outstanding draft beer selection at Red Robin!!

Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar is an outstanding new restaurant in Carmel Mountain Ranch!!  Here’s the phenomenal Lockhart Legend Burger and an excellent chorizo queso. 

Way Point Saloon

The Cheesesteaks are bangin’ at Way Point Saloon/Up the Hill Grill !!Loaded with grilled, tender roast beef. Accented with just the right amount of onions, red & yellow bells and melty cheese. With side, only $9.50


Way Point Saloon

The tower of rings is one of my favorite appetizers and Ramona’s own Way Point Saloon does an outstanding job!  I think the best thing here is their tasty fry sauce. 🤗


The Par Lounge

This has become our favorite pizza here at the Par.  They call it the Blanco!   Fantastic crust topped with a creamy garlic white sauce, prosciutto, dollops of ricotta, spinach, etc.  Lady FoodObs allergies of late have precluded maters, so this is a really good substitute.  


The Par Lounge

I’m pleased to report that Par Lounge now has Stone’s new “Delicious IPA” on tap… Paired perfectly with their excellent “Aglio Supremo” pizza. Made with a garlic white sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green onion, cherry tomato (and mushroom).Service, as always, was on point! For a Monday, I could tell the kitchen was rockin it tonight…


Way Point Saloon

Back in April I had the Burger of the Month (BOM) at Molly’s/Up the Hill… They called it the “Flying Pig” Burger. It’s a 1/2 lb hot & juicy patty with brown sugar grilled ham, white and yellow American cheese, mater, and a fried egg. It was excellent! It’s quite a bit to handle though, be careful picking it up. I had to continuously alternate my angle of attack to keep everything together. Maybe cutting it in half would have helped. The fresh bakery brioche bun held it all in nicely. The beef patty was cooked perfectly with discernible pink in the middle. This bad boy weighed in at $12.95 with side. Service as always was fantastic


Way Point Saloon

Dinner tonight at Molly Malone’s (date night Ramona style). I had the burger of the month, which was the Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger. Half pound patty with melted smoked cheddar, crumbled bacon, finished with a maple brown sugar glaze and flamed aged bourbon, topped with “frazzled” red onion and jalapeño. It was the perfect blend of sweet & spicy. Some bites even had a great candied texture. I’ve never tasted anything like it. A very unique and original burger creation. $12.50, includes choice of side. Highly recommended.

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