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Olive Garden 

Not the most appetizing looking dish I’ve had at OG, but tasty nonetheless.  Braised beef & tortellini.  Tender slices of slow-braised beef, portobello mushrooms, and asiago filled tortellini tossed in a basil Marsala sauce. 


Dinner at the Dump

The Ramona Chamber of Commerce hosts this great mixer every year at Ramona Disposal Service.  Many restaurants from around Ramona are there catering some of their finest foods.  Definitely calls for stretch pants!  Here’s some of my favorite foodstuffs from Pete’s BBQ & Burgers and Ramona Family Naturals. 

Black Angus

I just have to say, the new Black Angus down in Escondido is outstanding!!  Not all dark and dank like back in the day.  Here’s an excellent New York strip steak topped with a caramelized shallot and blue cheese compound butter.  Onion rings and au gratin taters rounded it all out very nicely!

Outback Steakhouse 

Outstanding prime rib dip sammich at Outback!  Made with thin-sliced seared prime rib with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, Aussie fries, etc.  Also had a starter of their very tasty clam chowder.  

Black Angus 

I am just loving the new Black Angus down the hill in Escondido!  Nice, new, bright, airy, etc.  Not all dark and dank like back in the day. 

Phil’s BBQ 

Outstanding El Toro sandwich at Phil’s BBQ with a side of the best mac salad in SoCal!  The char-grilled deli sliced tri-tip topped with BBQ sauce is just fantastic!

Iron Wok 

A very tasty Mongolian beef lunch special from Iron Wok in Rancho Bernardo.  A bit heavy on the onions, that I can tell you!


Dinner recently at Amerient Restaurant (Country Cooking & Oriental Cuisine). I ordered Mongolian Beef ($10.25). Beef stir fried with green onion, sweet onion and bamboo shoots in a spicy sauce, served with a side of rice.  I haven’t had this dish at too many places (PF Chang’s a fave) so I don’t have a lot to compare to. At Amerient it comes out with a very liberal amount of wok fired thinly sliced, tender beef. No oral extractions or byproduct to deal with. I was impressed for Chinese food in Ramona. Not overly sauced out like some Americanized Chinese dishes. The menu notes it as a spicy dish but it really wasn’t. I had to add a few squirts of Sriracha to round it all out. 

This was one of the better meals I’ve had at Amerient. Certainly better than the Kung Pao Chicken I had a while back. Would go back for more but I might omit the bamboo shoots next time.

Still one of the best egg drop soups I’ve had, even with the Hello Kitty soy sauce…

Love Boat Sushi

Outstanding teriyaki beef bento box lunch special!  

Homemade Beef Wellington 

This was an experiment that turned out very well!  Homemade Wellingtons made with beef tenderloin steaks and store bought refrigerated puff pastry dough.  I had to pay attention to the technique though.  Needed to quickly sear the filet mignons and cool.  Half sheet of puff pastry rolled out, then tucked all up nicely with an egg wash.  Everything into the oven and about 15-20 minutes later, brilliant dinner.  

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