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Texas Roadhouse

Back to that same Texas Roadhouse across from my hotel where I had that great grilled chicken salad. This time was the worst “prime rib” I’ve ever put in my mouth. That salad though with the boiled egg, etc. was outstanding. Not to mention the warm yeast rolls and soft butter from the get go. I could just eat a basket full of those.

The Butcher Shop

Excellent prime rib of beef at The Butcher Shop in San Diego! If you’ve never been, this is an old school, legit, classic Chicago-style steakhouse. The ambiance here is elegant, dark, intimate, etc. Rich dark wood paneling, red leather booths, gleaming brass appointments, beautifully etched glass panels and a cozy fireplace make this restaurant a must visit!

Chaps Pit Beef

While in Maryland, Lady FoodObs visited yet another Baltimore institution, Chaps Pit Beef! Featured on numerous TV food shows, including Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives. I definitely need to join her on that next trip!

Black Angus

Outstanding prime rib and wedge salad at Black Angus! Unfortunately the fire-grilled “jumbo” shrimp were anything but.

Iron Wok

Mediocre Mongolian Beef at Iron Wok in Rancho Bernardo. Will not be ordering this again.

Iron Wok

Outstanding Szechuan Beef at Iron Wok in Rancho Bernardo! Nicely balanced dish, although somewhat heavy handed on the celery. Perfect with a side of fried rice.

Casa de Pico

In business since 1971, Casa de Pico is a SoCal institution! Beginning in Old Town San Diego, they eventually moved to La Mesa in 2005. The atmosphere at their Grossmont Center location is simply stunning! Reminiscent of the spirit of their original Old Town location. It’s a fun, festive environment with vivid colors, hand-painted artwork, wrought iron chandeliers, etc. Food is outstanding, too! I enjoyed one of their signature dishes called “Senor Pico”. Beautifully grilled, thin-sliced carne asada with a taco and cheese enchilada.

Olive Garden

Outstanding new Braised Beef Bolognese with Zuppa Toscana at OG!

Atlas Market

Such an eye-watering international food court at the new Atlas Market in Poway, CA! I really enjoyed this outstanding chicken and beef kabob with basmati rice! Pizza is delicious as well!

Ramona Family Naturals

Ramona Family Naturals is really flexing their culinary muscle with some amazing new food. Here’s the outstanding “Hot Rod Burger”, served every Thursday for Cruise Night, from 5-7:30 pm. This is a cheese stuffed half pound burger with caramelized onions, bacon, provolone, avocado, lettuce & tomato, truffle aioli (fancy mayonnaise) on a brioche bun. Includes a side of truffled sweet potato chips, $13.00.

First, the beef patty was just remarkable. Star of the show. The beef used here is organic, grass fed, pasture raised in the beautiful Eel River Valley in Humboldt County of Northern California. It’s an 80/20 grind which is just perfect for a good, juicy, flavorful burger.

One thing that really impressed me were these excellent fresh baked brioche buns from Ramona Country Bakery. It held together this towering hulk of a burger flawlessly without cracking or disintegrating in my hands! That’s saying something. Locally, Ramona Country Bakery sells a variety their breads at RFN and The London Bakery. 

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, eating this thing was not easy! I could not articulate my jaw nearly enough to take a normal bite. I kind of had to attack it from an angle. Somewhat cumbersome and awkward. What I can tell you is that every single component of this burger really comes through nicely in each bite. From the melted cheese, to the bacon and caramelized onions, to the avocado, etc. All of it perfect. Nothing was lost in the mix.

I’m not sure who the young lady was who made our burgers but she was super nice. She was definitely skilled in constructing this masterpiece. I certainly recommend the Hot Rod Burger to anyone who loves a fine artisan burger. Make sure you have lots of napkins or maybe a moist beach towel and plan to take two showers when you get home!

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