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Descanso Beach Club

Outstanding popcorn shrimp appetizer at the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island!  Just a short walk north from the casino is this amazing oasis. 


Bruski Burgers & Brew

Outstanding family owned restaurant in Scripps Ranch since 2011,  Bruski offers an impressive selection of draft beers.  Also tried their tasty mac & cheese Gouda bites served with an excellent chipotle aioli sauce.  So good, we ordered two servings! Everything was remarkable!  

Plaza Grill 

The Plaza Grill at Barona Casino is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in the area!  They have a simple, yet diverse menu that would please most anyone.  I particularly enjoy the sushi made to order.  

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 

Outstanding draft beer selection at Red Robin!!

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Friday night, 6pm and Ramona Lisa answered her phone promptly. The young gal on the other side tonight was so nice & helpful; and patient with Gail’s sandwich order (which came out perfect, according to her specifications).Me and the boy shared a small “Meat Eater” pizza ($12.99). Loaded up with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, salami & “beef”. And the perfect amount of cheese I have to say!

Some reviews of late have mentioned the doughiness, and I noticed that tonight. It wasn’t undercooked by any means, but seemed like it could have stayed an extra minute or so in the oven. I will say though that the dough did not taste as flat/bland as it had the last time! Sauce was also more prominent tonight with a decidedly better flavor.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Dinner recently at Nuevo Grill & Cantina. This time I ordered off the “Smaller Bites” section of the menu. This was a nice change because their full blown, huge combination meals usually leave me feeling horribly abdominally distended.  Here’s the Shredded Beef Enchilada, served with your choice of rice OR beans ($9.99). The plate came out screaming hot, like an acetylene torch! I’ve always loved their traditional beef enchiladas made with excellent carne asada steak meat so I was somewhat hesitant. I have to say the shredded beef version was outstanding! Full of well seasoned shredded beef that was actually doctored up with some peppers, etc. Really good flavor with some big chunks of tender beef. I would definitely order this again. If any restaurant can turn one enchilada into a whole meal, it’s here at Nuevo Girl.

Biggest and best enchiladas in Ramona, that I can tell you!

The Par Lounge

I am continuing to be impressed with the unique pizza creations at the Oaks Grille/Par Lounge. Recently I had the “Aglio Supremo”, made with a garlic white sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green onion, cherry maters and mushrooms (omitted). Only $9 for the small (shown here) or $18 for large. This pie tasted excellent. Definitely an interesting change-up from the traditional red sauce. 


Dinner at Cheers of Ramona recently to check out their onion rings… First up though was my hot mess of a burger! I got the Cheers “Trail” Burger for $10.99. It’s made with all the fixins plus bacon, jalapeños, BBQ sauce, and onion rings with cheese. There was seriously way too much going on with this one! I had to change clothes half way though and take two showers after getting home. It was all good and everything, but took way too much effort to keep it all together. Literally made me tired eating this monstrosity. Menu called out onion rings, but there were none. It was just grilled red onions. Beef patty was a good, thick half pound, cooked perfectly, hot & juicy. Next time we go back I’ll definitely be getting something on the simpler side!The appetizer order of “beer battered onion rings” here is $5.99. Their great burgers are a la carte, so you can add an order of fries, rings or frings to share with friends, family or loved ones.  

They came out perfectly hot and extra crispy, just how we like. Plus, not overly thick and fatty like D’Carlos. There’s more here in the basket than what the picture looks like so I’d say it’s a fair value. Comes with a side of really good ranch dressing.

This was a solid 4 star serving of rings at Cheers. On par with what you get at UTHG/Way Point Saloon which were also 4 star a few weeks ago. Key differences were that Cheers were a bit hotter and crispier, but UTHG/WPS picked up the slack with their outstanding “fry sauce” and breathtaking tower presentation.

Side note about the beer – and I’m not gonna sugar coat it! Tasted like the glass came straight from a hot dishwasher that didn’t quite make it through the last rinse cycle.

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding birria de res!  Very tender and flavorful.  

The Par Lounge

Aglio Supremo pizza is just outstanding!


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