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Flying C Ranch

As much as I adore biscuits & gravy, I cannot ever imagine ordering them “to go”! Here we are in line at a Dairy Queen embedded within a trippy travel center/souvenir store in the middle-of-nowhere, New Mexico called Flying C Ranch. They had an eye watering selection of fireworks, even one of those creepy Zoltar machines. Definitely a memorable stop for all.

Hampton Inn

Before starting a very long day of driving I usually forego a relaxed sit-down breakfast and opt for the quick, complimentary offering at the hotel. Hampton Inn of Prescott, AZ was decent, but it’s no Embassy Suites, even if they are in the same family tree. Tasty hot biscuits & gravy and scrambled eggs, despite the paper plate. I was impressed by their thoughtful addition of ham and cheese bits. 

Some additional fun pics: heading northeast out of Prescott we stopped in the trippy little town of Jerome, AZ. We stretched our legs at the Jerome Grand Hotel. This place dates back to the 1920’s when it first opened as a hospital. It closed down in 1950 but only after about 9,000 deaths. It is supposedly haunted today. Also passed through Sedona and visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Stunning views, that I can tell you! 

Marinade on Main 

Outstanding biscuits & gravy at Marinade on Main!


Ramona Denny’s for breakfast recently. They have this new “value menu” with a myriad of breakfast/lunch/dinner selections for $2/4/6/8. I had the Biscuit & Gravy Breakfast ($4), served with two eggs & hash browns.Turned out very mediocre, although a decent value for $4 I have to say. Gravy was bright white, dotted with nodules of sausage, and very institutional tasting. Fairly bland and a pretty thin consistency. Biscuit was fine. Kind of on the lighter side, almost spongy. At least it didn’t turn into a gut bomb. Scrambled eggs were poorly prepared, overcooked and rubbery in spots. Hash browns were pretty good although somewhat greasy and could have been crispier for my taste.  

I will say the food came out quickly! There was only one gal working the dining room at the time and she did an outstanding job.

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