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Hamburger Factory

Excellent Blue Burger (add bacon) at HBF in Poway! A liberal amount of blue cheese on this beaut, served open faced with LTOP on the side. I asked for tots but got their terrible fatty steak fries instead which I do not care for.

Marinade on Main

(Visited December 13, 2019) Outstanding Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Marinade on Main in Ramona!

Claim Jumper

Outstanding Cobb Salad at CJ! Not quite as good as The Par Lounge, but all the traditional ingredients were well represented.

Jack in the Box

Not sure if it’s still on their menu, but these so-called ribeye burgers at JIB are outstanding! I think there’s three varieties to choose from. I ordered the one with blue cheese, grilled onions, etc. Pretty top-shelf for a fast food burger. This was the Rancho Bernardo location, so your mileage may vary.

Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks

One of my favorite burgers at Islands is called “Bleunami”. Made with blue cheese dressing, lettuce, mater and red onion. I always request bacon. Just excellent!

Black Angus

Outstanding “Buffalo and Bleu” burger at Black Angus! Made with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, shredded cabbage, Bleu ranch dressing and green onions. The whole thing was a hot mess but very tasty.

Richmond Bar & Grill

I dearly adore blue cheese with all things beef. Recently I tried the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger at Richmond Bar & Grill and it was outstanding!  Perfectly grilled hand-formed beef patty was topped with a liberal amount of blue cheese crumbles and crispy bacon that I could taste in every bite.  This burger really tasted as good as it looks!
RBG is a hole in the wall neighborhood bar on Richmond Street in Old Town El Segundo, just two blocks west of Main Street.  Such a super comfortable, welcoming and laid back vibe here.  Can’t wait to visit again next time I’m in town.

Claim Jumper

Outstanding wedge salad at CJ! They have one of the best happy hours in SoCal with a thoughtful collection of small plates.

The Par Lounge

OG/Par makes some of best looking and best tasting Cobb salads in SoCal! This particular visit though they used a white balsamic vinaigrette. Wasn’t really a fan. I much prefer the traditional dark balsamic that has a more distinct flavor.

Grub Burger Bar

My favorite burger at Grub Burger Bar is called “You’re my Boy Blue”! Made with crumbled blue cheese, blue cheese spread, cracked peppercorn seasoning, balsamic caramelized onions, mater and arugula. Anything combining blue cheese and red meat is going to be a hit with me! I’ve had many versions of blue cheese burgers throughout SoCal and this one is definitely at the top!

Also tried their mac & cheese side with bacon. Not the hottest or best mac I’ve had, but tasty nonetheless.

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