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The Oaks Grille

(Visited December 7, 2019) Outstanding Eggs Benedict for champagne brunch! Always perfectly poached eggs here. The OG was decorated beautifully for Christmas with fresh poinsettias on the tables and whatnot.

Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant

(Visited November 8, 2019) Outstanding hot cake breakfast at Franco’s Flapjack in Poway! I just love the name of this restaurant. Sausage patty was somewhat bland though. Service and atmosphere were terrific. I’m not sure if they’re currently open for takeout. I cannot wait to go eat there again after all this ‘rona blows over.

The Oaks Grille

(Visited November 2, 2019) Outstanding Denver Omelette for champagne brunch at The Oaks Grille in Ramona, CA!

CJ’s Cafe

Breakfast always tastes better with an orange wedge on the plate! Old school, greasy spoon diner fare at its finest. Outstanding CFS breakfast at CJ’s Cafe in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

Outstanding order of rolled tacos recently from Mi Ranchito! Topped with a very tasty creamy guacamole Americano and a liberal amount of shredded cheese. All of it sitting on a bed of fresh looking, shredded iceberg lettuce. Mi Ranchito rolled tacos are made with ground beef vice shredded beef. Although some may scoff, I actually prefer ground beef in my rolled tacos. Good clean bites every time. At some places the shredded beef is rolled too tightly and I’m always pulling out large slugs of meat with each bite, leaving an unfortunate hollow tortilla tube.


Despite the rather shambolic egg presentation, this dish at Denny’s was surprisingly good! The “Santa Fe Sizzlin’ Skillet” is made with chorizo sausage, fire-roasted bell peppers & onions, mushrooms (omitted) and seasoned red-skinned taters. Topped with shredded cheddar cheese and eggs. Highly recommended.

Embassy Suites

First of all, that is salsa on my eggs, NOT chup LOL! Sometimes at Embassy Suites I forego the pomp & circumstance of cooked to order omelettes, etc., and head straight to the serve yourself breakfast buffet. Nicely done pre-made fare here, despite those institutional, cubed taters that I’m not really a fan of. I’ve stayed at many Embassy Suites across the country and some are more modern than others. This one in Tempe, AZ was clearly a ’70’s refurb property. I will say though, the outside courtyard pool area was very nice!   

Cracker Barrel

I cannot think of a better road trippin’ breakfast spot than Cracker Barrel! Here we are leaving Gallup, NM on Memorial Day morning. I just loved all the patriotic bunting they had out. I’ve had better versions of “Old Timer’s Breakfast” at other Barrel’s, but this one still hit the spot!

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Quite possibly the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever put in my mouth!


Outstanding hotcakes at IHOP in Albuquerque, NM! Unfortunately the butter was stone cold and rock hard! One of my biggest culinary pet peeves. I’ll tell you, Denny’s has it going on with their soft, spreadable butter.

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