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Wendy’s is now serving breakfast and I tried it recently. Outstanding chicken biscuit with some sort of honey-butter sauce. The hot biscuit wasn’t quite up to Mack Donald’s standards but it was tasty nonetheless. Those tater wedge things were very good too.

Farmhouse 78

I finally tried Farmhouse 78 in Santa Ysabel and I have to echo the chorus of great reviews I’ve seen! We went for breakfast and I ordered “The Farmer”. Fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns piled high atop a jumbo buttermilk biscuit, then smothered with country sausage gravy, $13.95. My initial sense was that the protein to starch ratio was unbalanced so I requested an add of sausage patties which the chef thoughtfully cut up. This was a good call. If you ever order this, I recommend you do the same. The dish was outstanding and quite hearty. I’m glad I wore loose fitting clothing.
I could tell when it came out that I didn’t need to add any salt & pepper. Everything was perfectly seasoned and robustly flavored. The biscuit itself was rather dense and dry unfortunately. I only took a couple bites from the top then set it aside. The gravy-soaked bottom half was of course perfect. I thought the country gravy was excellent. It rivaled similar gravies from both Marinade on Main and MMG. Nothing institutional here.
I’m not gonna sugarcoat it; this is not an inexpensive restaurant. The food served however is of remarkable quality. Among the finest you’ll find in the back country. I still need to try F78 for dinner though, but I’m confident my observation will hold up. The restaurant itself is beautiful. Spacious, bright, airy, modern and very clean. Looking forward to a return visit, now that one of my cars is paid off.

The Frying Pan

Last morning here; on the way to the airport. I stopped at a place simply called Frying Pan Restaurant. This was a quintessential dive in the middle-of-nowhere Southern Maryland. I could tell when pulling into the parking lot that I would enjoy. Had an excellent 2 egg breakfast that sat in my system very well for the flight back to SoCal.

The Oaks Grille

Outstanding “Bulldog” Omelette at The Oaks Girl in Ramona! Filled with bacon, sausage, ham, onion, cheddar & jack cheese. The beautifully cooked omelette is then blanketed with their excellent country gravy. I was hesitant at first about this combination but it was surprisingly good. I highly recommend.


Outstanding hot biscuit & chicken at CFA in Del Sur, CA!

Meat Monsters Grill

Excellent Country Fried Steak breakfast at MMG in Ramona! Perfectly cooked sunny side eggs. The CFS was clearly house made and not off the Sysco truck. The gravy was among the finest I’ve had. Thick, rich, flavorful and plenty of sausage. For taters I usually prefer hash browns, but these were tasty. Some onions and peppers would have been nice. The breakfast dishes here are executed flawlessly and are super affordable.

Waffle House

On my way to the airport I decided to have a nice breakfast at Waffle House! I wanted to go somewhere ubiquitously regional. It was either this or Bob Evans LOL. I think I made the right choice. Grits are a favorite of mine and they were excellent here. And of course no trip to WH would be complete without, well… a waffle. The place was full of “salt of the earth” locals and the service was great. Overall an outstanding meal that sat well for my cross country flight.

Hasty Tasty Pancake House

Definitely among the most memorable restaurants I visited while in Ohio! Hasty Tasty Pancake House is a legit, old school diner serving up some great breakfast. I just love saying the name “Hasty Tasty Pancake House”. So much fun. Few places make me feel like I’m in a time warp and this was certainly one of them. I had an outstanding CFS breakfast with perfectly cooked sunny side eggs, even a side of B&G. I had to lay down after this one. Good thing it was a Saturday and I had nothing to do but laundry at the hotel. That was an odyssey in itself but I digress. The funniest part is when I asked the waitress for some hot sauce. She felt around in her apron pocket and pulled out two packets. Upon close examination I observed that this hot sauce was made in New Jersey! It could not have been more obvious that I was NOT in SoCal LOL.


Cinnabon to go is a wonderful thing! That I can tell you.

The Oaks Grille

(Visited December 7, 2019) Outstanding Eggs Benedict for champagne brunch! Always perfectly poached eggs here. The OG was decorated beautifully for Christmas with fresh poinsettias on the tables and whatnot.

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