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The Oaks Grille 

Outstanding brunch recently at The Oaks Grille. I ordered the Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast for $9.95. Includes two eggs cooked “your way” and two pieces of bacon or sausage. Being that it was weekend brunch, it also included two complimentary glasses of champagne!

The dish consisted of two biscuits cut into four halves. Biscuits were on the softer side with no discernible crispy edges. Gravy was thick, flavorful and hearty with a very conservative amount of sausage nodules. It seemed that if this gravy had sat around too long, it could be used as some sort of binding agent in various construction trades. Big chubby sausage links were very tasty. And my scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly! Not all overdone, brown and tough.

Not the best B&G I’ve had in town, but it was respectable. Next time I’ll probably try the country fried steak.


Marinade on Main 

Another outstanding brunch recently at Marinade On Main! This was an original, unique, kicked up Benedict, the likes I’ve never had before. Although not on the menu, it seems to be available recently upon special request. Made with your choice of bacon or ham, it includes kale, two poached eggs and an excellent, flavorful housemade chipotle hollandaise sauce. The foundation is the biggest, best hot biscuit around. Such a tremendous meal, I’m so glad we came in to try it. 

Panera Bread 

Outstanding asiago cheese bagel at Panera!  I order it toasted with a liberal shmear of cream cheese.  Just perfect!

The Oaks Grille 

Outstanding brunch recently at The Oaks Grille! I’ve reviewed this dish ad nauseam over the years, so I’ll keep it brief. Still the best order of Eggs Benedict in Ramona with perfectly poached eggs. Price has gone up to $10.25, but it’s still a good value when you factor in the two complimentary glasses of champagne.

Marinade on Main 

Outstanding biscuits & gravy at Marinade on Main!

Catalina Island Brew House 

Outstanding chocolate croissant at Catalina Island Brew House!  This place is great!  They specialize in coffee in the morning and beer in the evening.  The perfect “brew” house in my opinion. 

Jack in the Box

Outstanding chicken breakfast sandwich thing at Jack in the Box!

Nuevo Grill & Cantina 

Recently had brunch at Nuevo Grill and Cantina. I ordered one of my favorite Mexican breakfast dishes, Chilaquiles. Fried corn tortilla pieces, scrambled eggs, cheese and homemade verde sauce, $7.25. Add carne asada for only $2 more.

I’ve eaten a lot of chilaquiles and this is the first time I’ve seen the egg separate like this. Turns out the breakfast cook left early and our dishes were made by the dinner crew. Oh well, at any rate it was still tasty but it would have been better prepared in the traditional fashion. Eggs were also somewhat overcooked. Adding carne asada was a good move. There was a liberal amount for only $2 extra. (Only one oral extraction). Best part of this dish had to be the outstanding homemade verde sauce! I’ve enjoyed it blanketing their chicken enchiladas for years so it was nice to have it featured in the chilaquiles.

Highlight from my Nuevo Girl brunch was the complimentary champagne. Not this watered down mimosa crap, but full-on champagne! Like they do at Oaks Grille. Gail got a good looking order of her favorite, eggs benedict. 

Jack in the Box 

So, I checked out the new “Brunchfast” menu at Ramona JIB recently! They have a really good looking bacon & egg chicken sammich and brunch burger on croissant. This time though I went for the gusto and got the Southwest Scrambler Plate for $4.79.Comes with scrambled eggs & homefried taters mixed with sautéed peppers plus a side of bacon or sausage. The eggs were topped with a good amount of shredded cheese but tasted fairly institutional. Bacon was a generous four slices but was of obvious fast food quality. JIB needs to take a lesson from Wendy on bacon! Biggest surprise for me were the potatoes. Hot, crispy, tasty and well seasoned. 

Overall a big and satisfying meal, although not sure I would order it again. Definitely trying that croissant brunch burger thing next time! 


Recently I tried the new Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Jack & Egg Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks. I know it looks dreadful, but it was actually pretty tasty. It was not the traditional “loose” type chorizo you get at taco shops but more of a cohesive patty. Almost like sausage, but it had a decidedly distinct chorizo flavor. The only problem was the stone-baked potato bread it’s all served on. I think it was cooked too long, because it was very tough and hard to bite through in places. Wish the tater bread had a softer, chewier consistency.

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