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The Oaks Grille

(Visited December 7, 2019) Outstanding Eggs Benedict for champagne brunch! Always perfectly poached eggs here. The OG was decorated beautifully for Christmas with fresh poinsettias on the tables and whatnot.

Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant

(Visited November 8, 2019) Outstanding hot cake breakfast at Franco’s Flapjack in Poway! I just love the name of this restaurant. Sausage patty was somewhat bland though. Service and atmosphere were terrific. I’m not sure if they’re currently open for takeout. I cannot wait to go eat there again after all this ‘rona blows over.

The Oaks Grille

(Visited November 2, 2019) Outstanding Denver Omelette for champagne brunch at The Oaks Grille in Ramona, CA!

Embassy Suites

First of all, that is salsa on my eggs, NOT chup LOL! Sometimes at Embassy Suites I forego the pomp & circumstance of cooked to order omelettes, etc., and head straight to the serve yourself breakfast buffet. Nicely done pre-made fare here, despite those institutional, cubed taters that I’m not really a fan of. I’ve stayed at many Embassy Suites across the country and some are more modern than others. This one in Tempe, AZ was clearly a ’70’s refurb property. I will say though, the outside courtyard pool area was very nice!   

Cracker Barrel

I cannot think of a better road trippin’ breakfast spot than Cracker Barrel! Here we are leaving Gallup, NM on Memorial Day morning. I just loved all the patriotic bunting they had out. I’ve had better versions of “Old Timer’s Breakfast” at other Barrel’s, but this one still hit the spot!

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Quite possibly the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever put in my mouth!


Outstanding hotcakes at IHOP in Albuquerque, NM! Unfortunately the butter was stone cold and rock hard! One of my biggest culinary pet peeves. I’ll tell you, Denny’s has it going on with their soft, spreadable butter.

Lienzo Charro

Tasty chimichanga at Lienzo Charro in Poway! Could have been fried a little longer though. Not really crispy enough.

Hob Nob Hill

A San Diego institution since 1944, Hob Nob Hill is one of SoCal’s best restaurants! Located in downtown San Diego’s Bankers Hill neighborhood, you’re immediately transported to another era when you step inside. We were fortunate to go on a weekday late morning for breakfast. Made for easy, close parking and other environmental factors were limited.

I ordered a simple two egg breakfast with perfectly cooked sunny side eggs. The hand formed sausage patties were outstanding. The O’Brien taters were excellent. You don’t see these very often. Also pictured below is Lady FoodObs great looking order of her go-to, Eggs Benedict.

The Oaks Grille

I didn’t have a hangover, but “The Hangover” omelette at The Oaks Grille was excellent. Made with sausage, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, etc. During their weekend champagne brunch I usually go for the benny. I mixed it up this time and was impressed. Eggs not over cooked, perfectly crispy and hot hash browns. The avocado presentation could have been better, but overall a great dish. Paired perfectly with two complimentary glasses of champagne!

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