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Haunted Hamburger

Haunted Hamburger seems to be one of the more popular restaurants in Jerome, AZ. The views here are absolutely stunning, that I can tell you! I ordered the “Haunted Burger”. The presentation was quite shambolic but it was very tasty. Also enjoyed a nice, cold local Hefeweizen.


Excellent Pretzel Bacon Pub Double at Wendy’s in Ramona!

Way Point Saloon

WPS recently offered this great burger special know as the Cali Burger. Very similar to the thin patty, double style burger like you’d find at In & Out. Included lettuce, mater, onion, American cheese, sauce, etc. It was really tasty and very popular in Ramona. I don’t think they’re still offering it though.

Junction 52 Bar & Grill

Outstanding Diablo Burger at Junction 52 in Santee!

Way Point Saloon

Visited June 12, 2020 – Bars are finally open again so I enjoyed an outstanding burger and a couple of ice cold draft IPAs at Way Point Saloon! I ordered the “Bacon n Bleu” for $14.95. Crumbled applewood smoked bacon with crumbled blue cheese piled with the standard burger set of lettuce, mater, onion & pickles. I’ve had this one before. I could actually taste the bacon this time although could have used more blue cheese. Overall an excellent burger. Included a side of their delicious beer battered fries.

Hamburger Factory

April 4, 2020 – HBF in Poway was setup with a creative carhop style service during the ‘rona shutdown. Sadly, San Diego County seems to be slipping back into that tier. Outstanding patty melt in their parking lot!

Homemade Hamburgers

We have finally perfected our homemade crispy shoestring onion recipe! Thanks to a good buttermilk soak and some lovin’ from Lady FoodObs. Makes the perfect burger topper.

Hamburger Factory

Excellent Blue Burger (add bacon) at HBF in Poway! A liberal amount of blue cheese on this beaut, served open faced with LTOP on the side. I asked for tots but got their terrible fatty steak fries instead which I do not care for.

Meat Monsters Grill

I rarely try new dining establishments on their first day open but I could not resist with Meat Monsters Grill! The place was packed and the energy was infectious. The only thing missing was marching bands and cheerleaders! It was obvious the whole team running the place was firing on all cylinders. I arrived late morning, during the transition from breakfast to lunch. I was hoping to try the CFS but they had already run out. The country gravy, too. I ordered a Bacon Burger with fries, only $12.50. It was outstanding, that I can tell you! I noticed the menu also features Anthony Andrews’ famous Bacon Mac & Cheese. A beloved favorite of mine for years.

The burger was constructed with a liberal amount of shredded lettuce (which I love), maters, onion, mayo and lots of zesty pickles. Plus bacon of course. I really appreciated that I could taste crispy bacon and creamy mayonnaise in almost every bite. This was a very well crafted burger. The beef patty definitely lived up to the restaurant’s name! It was heavy and thick. Seemed like at least 2/3 lb. It was hot, juicy, seasoned and cooked to a perfect med-well. The mouthfeel had a really nice ground beef texture that wasn’t all overworked. The crinkle-cut fries were abundant and served screaming hot from the fryer. They were modestly seasoned; I did not feel the need to add salt. The menu here is simple and seems to be very well thought out and affordable. I cannot wait to come back and try just about everything else.

I can totally see MMG taking off as a very popular Old Town Ramona eatery. I’m already planning my next visit and know exactly what I’m going to order. I just probably need to set an alarm clock.

Boll Weevil

(Visited November 22, 2019) Outstanding Pastrami Burger at Boll Weevil in Ramona! Quarter pound steerburger covered with melted Swiss cheese, topped with with a pile of hot ‘strami and more melty Swiss. I ordered with their excellent, hot & crispy onion rings.

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