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Manana’s Mexican Food

There is no better way to say “te quiero” to amá on Mother’s Day than with a wet burrito from Mananas Mexican Food! I’ve been eating burritos here for years and have never had a bad one. I love a good wet burrito and finally tried their interpretation this morning; it was outstanding! 

Any of Mañana’s burritos can be ordered “wet”. I chose a simple beef burrito, only $6.15. It was huge! Filled with a ton of tender, seasoned shredded beef. Also a few onions and peppers. No cheap fillers like beans, rice or lettuce, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Making it “wet” adds an extra $2.10. The whole thing is blanketed with a generous amount of their rich, flavorful enchilada sauce, then topped with some cheese. 

Service and all was nice as always for me. I particularly appreciate the chips gratis when dining in plus the excellent salsa bar. I noticed this morning that they now have pickled red onions which I dearly adore with Mexican food.


Beach Mex

One of my favorite places to get a wet burrito in El Segundo is (was) Beach Mex! Here’s their outstanding carnitas burrito smothered with a flavorful verde sauce. Sadly this place is reportedly closed.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Here I am back at Chipotle! And no, I didn’t wind up in the hospital LOL. Maybe because I’m sticking with my usual burrito bowl made with rice, barbacoa beef, cheese, salsa and not much else. I stay away from the beans, chicken, etc. Maybe that’s what’s kept me from meeting my deductible this year.

El Gringo Mexican Restaurant

Outstanding house chicken burrito at El Gringo in El Segundo! All the burritos here are served “wet” style with your choice of their delicious red or green sauce, covered with melted cheese. Inside includes rice, beans, lettuce, mater, onion and cilantro. The whole thing is then adorned with nice daubs of guacamole and sour cream.

Sombrero Mexican Food

Outstanding shrimp burrito at Sombrero’s in Lakeside, CA! One of my all time favorite chain of taco shops in SoCal. “San Diego-Style Mexican Food” at its finest for a generation.

Frijoles Mexican Restaurant

This chile verde burrito has to be one of the signature dishes at Frijoles Mexican Restaurant. Smothered with an excellent verde sauce, it’s a remarkable dish. You pretty much have to lay down after eating this. I’ve had other menu items here and most are just varying degrees of mediocre. These amazing smothered wet burritos however are outstanding!

La Sirena Grill

One of my new favorite Mexican restaurants in SoCal is La Sirena Grill! They make some of the best looking and fresh tasting food you can find. This wet burrito was just stunning!

Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck

Back to Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck for quite possibly the best tasting, and biggest burrito I’ve ever put in my mouth! This was the Surf & Turf made with perfectly grilled, tender and flavorful arrachera and shrimps. Mixed with just the right amount of grilled onions and peppers, and slices of fresh avocado. The tortilla was legit. Hot and supple, just how I like it.

This time, instead of eating in Samba’s parking lot, we took our bomb burrito down the street to one of our favorite watering holes, and Ramona institution, the Turkey Inn. This food truck is lights out, on point! Definitely worth the drive up the hill for some serious Mexican food goodness.

Taco Bell

I love a good wet burrito and have had many throughout SoCal over the years. When I discovered that the Bell had a smothered burrito, I had to try it. It was surprisingly tasty! I’d recommend ordering this but I don’t think it’s on their menu anymore.


Outstanding Baja Grill chicken burrito at Rubio’s! Rather small, but super tasty.

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