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Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking

Outstanding jambalaya at Lee Esther’s in Palmdale! Chicken, house made sausage, fresh herbs and vegetables slow simmered in a rich, perfectly seasoned tomato based sauce. Served with white rice and garlic bread. You can also add shrimp and/or crawfish for an additional fee. This was a rather unorthodox, deconstructed version of jambalaya, but delicious nonetheless.

Bud’s Louisiana Cafe

Finding a legit Creole restaurant outside of Louisiana is hard to do! Fortunately San Diego is blessed to have Bud’s Louisiana Cafe. Oddly nestled in an industrial area of Kearney Mesa (Viewridge Ave), Bud’s is a must visit!  The cafe is a small casual bistro style restaurant with top-shelf service.  Reservations are recommended.
We started with an order of Creole “Caviar”.  This unique appetizer is a delicious and savory blend of shrimp and crawfish with Creole spices, etc., all blended into a spread that you can daub onto garlic toast. Tasted great straight up!  This appetizer was a total standout.  Would probably taste great on just about anything but ice cream.
We also enjoyed a trio of their appetizer sized cups of jambalaya, seafood gumbo and red beans & rice.  All traditional, classic dishes that completely hit the mark.  Standout for me had to be the gumbo.  I am definitely getting a full bowl of this next time!  Their gumbo is made with a mildly spicy dark roux with shrimp, crab, crawfish, andouille sausage, okra and rice.
Bud’s menu includes a fantastic selection of thoughtful entrees.  Not a single thing looked or sounded unappealing.  I chose “A Taste of New Orleans”.  Includes a generous portion of crawfish etouffee smothered over rice, plus blackened catfish.  In lieu of catfish you can get it with a fried soft-shell crab.  This dish was simply exquisite! Creole comfort food at its finest.
A trip to Bud’s would not be complete without an order of their signature beignets!  An order includes 5 pillowy, hot and tasty French-style doughnuts topped with powdered sugar.
After this visit I definitely felt like laying down, popping my top button, etc.  Bud’s Louisiana Cafe is an outstanding restaurant and most certainly one of my new faves all-around in SoCal!

California Fish Grill

Outstanding Idaho trout grilled Cajun style at California Fish Grill! One of my new favorite restaurants in the South Bay LA region.

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