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Hacienda Casa Blanca

Outstanding Hacienda Carne Asada at Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon! This dish is one of my faves and I order it frequently here. Includes as very nice cheese enchilada. This time the flap meat looked kinda gnarly but it was delicious nonetheless.


Los Primos

Excellent carne asada quesadilla at Los Primos in 4S Ranch!

Los Primos

Tasty “Grilled Steak Bowl” from Los Primos taco shop in 4S Ranch.

El Taco Loco Shop

March 20, 2020 – I haven’t seen them published on any of the lists circulating but I’m pleased to report that El Taco Loco Shop is open for take-out! Had an outstanding carne asada quesadilla. Ramona Market had paper towels and napkins in stock, but no toilet paper. That’s ok though, I’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately. I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future so I’m looking forward to trying many of the take-out options available during this ‘rona pandemic. Will be doing what I can to help stimulate our local and precious food economy.

Mi Guadalajara

My new favorite Mexican restaurant in Esco is definitely Mi Guad! This is a dish I order frequently at Mexican restaurants that includes a carne asada steak and cheese enchilada. This one at Mi Guad is called “Carne Asada Guadalajara” on their menu. It’s definitely among the most beautiful and best tasting I’ve had.

Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant

(Visited November 15, 2019) Outstanding shredded beef chimichanga at Tio Leo’s in Poway! Perfectly hot and crispy. Garnished beautifully with lettuce, mater, tomatillo sauce, cheese, guacamole & sour cream. Served with Spanish rice (and beans). Lady FoodObs and I also shared this carne asada quesadilla as an appetizer. You can order it as the traditional soft folded variety, or this “crisp” version. Kind of greasy but very tasty.

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding “Plato del 4S” at Miguel’s! Grilled skirt steak ala tampiquena and shrimp enchilada. One of the reasons I consider this place among the finest Mexican restaurants in San Diego is that every dish I order becomes my new favorite. Also the best chips, salsa and queso in SoCal! 

Lienzo Charro

Like Ramona, most of Poway’s Mexican restaurants are just varying degrees of mediocre. Lienzo Charro on the other hand is usually a standout for us. Here is their beautiful “Carne Asada del Charro”. Strips of succulent filet mignon, grilled to perfection, served with with a cheese enchilada, guacamole, salsa fresca and hot tortillas.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Outstanding grilled carne asada steak enchiladas at Nuevo Girl in Ramona, CA! Still the biggest and best in town, that I can tell you.

Yesenia’s Mexican Food

Big, beautiful plate of carne asada chips at Yesenia’s in Carmel Mountain Ranch! Unfortunately the carne was just meh. Tasted like it was cooked the day before.

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