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Italian Cucina

Another outstanding dinner at Barona Casino’s Italian Cucina! Probably the most stunning order of lasagna I’ve ever been served.

Italian Mac & Cheese

Outstanding homemade Italian style mac & cheese! Made with cavatappi pasta, a ricotta/mozzarella bechamel and Italian sausage.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Outstanding pizza and an unorthodox antipasto salad at Ra-Mona Lisa!


I’m a big fan of the Baconator Burger at Wendy’s, but their so-called Baconator Fries leaves something to be desired. It’s pretty much just fries with some squirt cheese and a few pieces of bacon. Dave Thomas must be spinning in his grave.

La Cocina

This was a rare treat, getting a high capacity salsa dish at La Cocina.  Subsequent visits however have proved this to be a fluke and not the norm.  I know it’s hard to tell under this blanket of lettuce and cheese, but I think this was some sort of enchilada and a chile relleno.  


ChuckAlek Independent Brewers

This is a new micro brew that opened up in our sleepy town not too long ago. Finally tried it for the first time and ordered a custom flight. They have a great routine going with some of the San Diego food trucks where they set up shop in the parking lot. Goes good with their beer since they don’t really prepare or sell food. During this visit an outfit called Cheesy Amigos was there. They were really good with gourmet grilled cheese type sandwiches made on a panini press. I got the lobster grilled cheese which was actually made with langostino.



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