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The Chicken Shop

Outstanding fried chicken with terrible mac & cheese and soupy cole slaw at The Chicken Shop in Santee, CA.


Detroit Pizza

We made another outstanding homemade Detroit Pizza! This time in lieu of red sauce, I made a white, creamy Parmesan/garlic sauce. Then topped with chunks of grilled chicken, crispy bacon and a pound of cheese!

Yard House

Outstanding fried chicken tender appetizer at Yard House in Palmdale! Unfortunately the lumpia was terrible. Being Oktoberfest though made everything right.

Cowboy Chicken

Outstanding order of 6 crispy drumsticks at my new favorite restaurant in 4S Ranch! Choose from BBQ style or Texas Hot! I went with the best of both worlds and had three of each. All meals are served with two sides and a hot roll. This time I tried their tasty mater cucumber salad and my favorite vegetable, mac & cheese.


A SoCal institution for generations! Outstanding chicken parmigiana at Pernicano’s in El Cajon.

Board & Brew

Outstanding Caesar salad with chicken at Board & Brew in Del Sur, CA!

Plaza Grill

Outstanding grilled chicken salad and my favorite IPA from Coronado Brewing Company at Barona Casino’s Plaza Girl!

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken instantly won a place in my heart! Now on my short list of favorite restaurants in San Diego. They recently opened in 4S Ranch to much fanfare and enthusiasm.  After visiting recently, I can see why.  This chain is based in Texas and if I’m not mistaken, this is their first location in California.

I ordered the “Three Piece Dark”, served with two sides and a roll, only $8.39.  There is an absolute plethora of great looking country-fied sides to choose from that would please just about any taste.  I stuck with tradition and chose mac & cheese (my favorite vegetable) and fried okra.  

The chicken here is wood fire slow-roasted over an open flame rotisserie.  It comes out fall-off-the-bone tender, succulent and flavorful.  The skin has that perfect crispiness and chew that I love.  The chicken here does seem pretty salt forward though.  The mac & cheese was excellent!  Better than I was expecting.  This is a baked style and it’s far superior to what I’ve had many times at Cracker Barrel.  Fried okra was outstanding.  Hot, crispy, and well, okra tasting.  

Food came out hot and fresh tasting.  Service was all around fantastic.  Plenty of comfortable seating inside and out.  If there were any opening kinks at the beginning, they’ve definitely been worked out. Can’t wait to go back!

Atlas Market

Such an eye-watering international food court at the new Atlas Market in Poway, CA! I really enjoyed this outstanding chicken and beef kabob with basmati rice! Pizza is delicious as well!

Chicken Charlie’s Table

The Duke of Deep-Fat-Fried and the Godfather of Fair Food has recently opened a new restaurant in Rancho Bernardo! Chicken Charlie’s Table is an awesome and comfortable, laid back, clean restaurant with outstanding service. There’s even items on the menu that the health conscious among us would appreciate. This place really impressed me.

For my first time out I kept it simple with a Chicken Tenders Basket. Chicken was hot and juicy with a flavorful, crispy coating. Fries were beer battered style which I love, but could have come out hotter. I cannot wait to go back and try just about everything else on their extensive menu!     

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