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Italian Cucina

Tasty Chicken Parmigiana at Barona Casino’s Italian Cucina! Unfortunately, their current ‘rona protocol has them covering the completed dishes in plastic wrap when it leaves the kitchen. The diner then has to literally unwrap it like a present at the table. Not a fan of that. A stainless steel dome would be far more elegant.

Marinade on Main

Visited June 24, 2020 – If you’re a fan of garlic, you have to try this dish! Outstanding “Marinades Alfredo Pasta” at Marinade on Main. I’ve tried much of the menu here and this one is such a fave and always exquisitely constructed. It all starts with a base of delicious linguine Alfredo that would rival any top-shelf Italian restaurant. Pasta is al dente and the Alfredo sauce has a distinct garlic note. Truly a combustion of flavor. Many Alfredos can be somewhat bland; not this one. The house-made fried chicken is very good with a distinctly crispy and tasty crust. The whole thing is then beautifully adorned with arugula and prosciutto. Only $17; no ‘rona surcharge here.

Now, I dearly adore air conditioning. God Bless Willis Carrier. However 3 of the 4 HVAC ceiling registers in the dining area were missing or had been removed. These are the vents or grates that gracefully distribute the cold air throughout a room or space. Unfortunately, not having the registers in place sent a column of cold air streaming down onto the table. The chicken stayed hot but the pasta quickly assumed room temperature.

The Par Lounge

Tried the new ‘Pecan Smoked Chicken Wings’ at The Par Lounge tonight! 10 pieces served with the standard chicken wing accouterment of carrots, celery and creamy, fatty dressing. $15 under normal circumstances, $13 during HH. Served hot, tender, juicy and with a beautifully crispy skin. There was a higher ratio of flats to drumettes which I appreciated. Flavor tossing choices include plain, BBQ, Buffalo, honey sriracha, sweet chili, maple bourbon, or garlic parmesan. I chose garlic parmesan and it was barely discernible unfortunately. Tasted more like an order of plain. Wing size was pretty average. Some of the drumettes could have come from a pigeon for all I know. As always though, a stunning presentation and the side of veg was fresh and abundant.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto

Remarkable chicken parmigiana at Filippi’s in Santee! One of the better examples I’ve been served of this traditional dish. For some reason I always have to lay down after eating here LOL.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Outstanding garlic Parmesan chicken wings from Ramona Lisa Pizza!


Wendy’s is now serving breakfast and I tried it recently. Outstanding chicken biscuit with some sort of honey-butter sauce. The hot biscuit wasn’t quite up to Mack Donald’s standards but it was tasty nonetheless. Those tater wedge things were very good too.

Dumpling Inn

Finally back in San Diego! First stop after the airport is my new favorite Chinese restaurant, Dumpling Inn. Chinese comfort cuisine since 1994. I just love the atmosphere, service and food here. I had an excellent Kung Pao Chicken with tasty wonton soup.


Outstanding hot biscuit & chicken at CFA in Del Sur, CA!

Texas Roadhouse

Just a short walk across the parking lot from my hotel was this Texas Roadhouse in Fairborn, OH. I wound up eating here a couple times since it was so convenient. Had an outstanding grilled chicken salad in their stunning bar area. Also enjoyed a couple draft IPAs. This is when I began noticing and observing that the salad dressing here is always served on the side for some reason. I had many salads while in Ohio and not one was pre-dressed.

Meat Monsters Grill

Excellent Panko crusted fried chicken sammich at MMG in Ramona! The chicken was perfectly cooked, moist, tender and hot. The panko crust was nicely seasoned and crispy. I don’t have to tell you how big and generous the size was. Just look at that beautiful photo. It was quite a bit to handle but I plowed through. Krinkle cut fries were hot & crispy. Remarkable meal at an affordable price.

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