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Chili’s Grill & Bar

(Visited October 2019) One of my new favorite things to order at Chili’s is, well, their chili! The recipe seems to be a traditional, Texas style beanless chili with ground beef and familiar spices. Topped with crunchy tortilla strips and shredded cheese. I could eat this everyday.

Grand Ole BBQ

Lady Bird’s Texas Red Chili was outstanding at Grand Ole BBQ in Flinn Springs! Comes in cup or bowl, you can add shredded cheddar, sour cream, red onions, pico, etc. The chili is made with BBQ pork and beef with ground chilies, spices and beer. The best part, NO beans! For some reason you can also add mac & cheese for an additional charge. I’m not sure who thinks that sounds good mixed with chili. I requested it on the side and I’m glad I did. It was excellent. Highly recommended if you visit GOB and happen to be a chili fan. They also make a chili verde (green) version. I

Cincinnati Chili

Last summer I made this Midwest comfort food classic known as Cincinnati Chili! Turned out excellent! As far as “ways” go, this would be 4-Way. Sketti, chili, cheese and onions. I just had to add that beautiful sliced jalapeño from my garden to crown the top. The ultimate irony here is that I happen to be drafting this blog post while on a business trip in southwest Ohio! First place I ate after landing at the airport was the famous Skyline Chili. Keep an eye out for that post in a few months.

El Sombrero Restaurant

In Gallup, NM, not too many places were open the Sunday before Memorial Day. El Sombrero however was open so we enjoyed our last New Mexico Chile-fix here. I ordered an excellent carne adovada burrito smothered with New Mexico’s finest green & red!


As I mentioned the other day, it’s all about the chiles when in New Mexico! Even Mack Donald’s gets in on the action! I had seen these advertised since entering the state and just had to try one before leaving. Here we are in eastern New Mexico in a small town called Tucumcari, just before entering Texas on the 40. The McDouble with green chile was surprisingly tasty! Glad I got one, but it’s time to keep boogerin’ eastbound.

Garcia’s Kitchen

Visiting with family in Albuquerque, NM! When in New Mexico it’s all about the chili and I of course was happy to partake. We had dinner at Garcia’s Kitchen on Juan Tabo Blvd in Albuquerque. I ordered a dish called “Dan’s Special” (How could I not!). 8 oz NY strip steak with two cheese enchiladas smothered in your choice of chili. I had it “Christmas style”, which is both red and green chili (go figure). This was an outstanding, well rounded dish. The chips and salsa were definitely legit. A nice change from the SoCal Mexican food I’m used to. 

Some additional fun pics: Stopped for tasty chicken snacks at a Popeye’s attached to a travel center in the middle of nowhere (aka Holbrook, AZ) off the I-40. View from the dumpy Hampton Inn in Albuquerque was less than stunning.  

Just Smother It

News Years Eve was pretty rainy, but that didn’t stop Just Smother It from making an appearance at the venerable Turkey Inn in Ramona! This time I enjoyed a carne asada burrito smothered with delicious red Colorado style chili.

Just Smother It

I recently got to check out SoCal’s newest and spiciest food truck, Just Smother It! They were parked in front of Reds, Whites & Brews in Ramona at one of their great tap takeovers. The food is on point! Colorado style Mexican food with a simple menu of burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc. They make a delicious green or red chili that is “smothered” over a number of their dishes, hence the name. Their recipes are passed down from generations of grandmother’s in the owners family. How could you go wrong with that! Just Smother It makes regular appearances throughout San Diego, including Ramona occasionally, at a variety of events and soirées. There’s a comprehensive calendar on their website so you can track where they’ll be and when.

El Charro Cafe

One of my favorite things to order at any Mexican restaurant is a wet burrito! El Charro Cafe in Yuma makes probably the best one I’ve had. This one is called the “Red Saddle”. Smothered with a delicious red chili con carne. They also make a green chili version called… (are you ready for this?)… the “Green Saddle”. This is one of the most stunning dishes I’ve been served in a Mexican restaurant. I felt like I had to lay down after eating only half of it.

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