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My last meal at Amerient in Ramona. Decent Kung Pao Chicken. Sadly, this Chinese food fixture in town for many years has permanently closed.


Quick Wok

I’ve been eating at this Quick Wok since back in the 1900’s! Small restaurant, no frills, but great Chinese food. The staff is always so nice too. Outstanding selection of lunch specials that go until 3:00 pm daily. One of my faves here is definitely their Kung Pao Chicken. I order Kung Pao all over and it’s usually a disappointment. Not here. I’m always impressed by their wok seared proteins. They have a nice crispy texture. Spicy dishes are perfectly balanced and not over the top. Highly recommended.

Panda Express

Outstanding Beijing Beef and Orange Chicken with chow mein at Panda Express in Poway!

Panda Express

I tried that new “Wok Seared Steak & Shrimp” at Panda Express. The potatoes in the dish were wholly unnecessary! Didn’t even seem like Chinese food, but it was tasty nonetheless.

Dumpling Inn

Finally back in San Diego! First stop after the airport is my new favorite Chinese restaurant, Dumpling Inn. Chinese comfort cuisine since 1994. I just love the atmosphere, service and food here. I had an excellent Kung Pao Chicken with tasty wonton soup.

Panda Express

I’m not afraid to admit that Panda Express is one of my guilty pleasures! I don’t go there often but when I do it’s always a treat. Here’s a visit from one of my recent trips to Palmdale. Some kind of one item combo bowl thing with outstanding orange chicken and chow mein.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Outstanding Kung Pao chicken bowl at Pei Wei in 4S Ranch!

Dragon Chinese Cuisine

I always love ordering my fried rice or chow mein “House Special” style! Such a tasty plethora of proteins. Beef, chicken, pork, shrimps, etc. Dragon Chinese Cuisine in Carmel Mountain Ranch is consistently excellent.

Iron Wok

Tasty house special fried rice at Iron Wok in Rancho Bernardo!

Iron Wok

Mediocre Mongolian Beef at Iron Wok in Rancho Bernardo. Will not be ordering this again.

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