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Iron Wok

Outstanding Kung Pao Chicken lunch special with fried rice at Iron Wok in Rancho Bernardo! Comes with salad.


Oriental House

Back in Yuma! Seems like I was just here LOL. I was determined to find some good Chinese food on this trip and I did just that. I went to Oriental House on 4th Avenue. Or as the locals call it, “The O-House”. This is a really cool restaurant with just the right amount of funky. It’s obvious this place used to be some sort of diner back in the day. I ordered the House Special Fried Rice and it was outstanding! The won ton soup I started with was some of the best I’ve had. Looking forward to coming back here.

Pei Wei

Probably one of the most irresistible dishes I order at Pei Wei is their outstanding Dan Dan Noodles! They do a really good job on this one. This epitomizes Asian comfort food for me.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Very very “Spicy Korean Bowl” at Pei Wei! I like spicy but this one was a bit too much for me! 😭

Pei Wei Asian Diner

“Wei Better” Orange Chicken with Veggies at Pei Wei! I’ve had their original orange chicken dish and while delicious, it can become monotonous. This version adding wok-seared veggies is outstanding! It really rounds out the dish nicely.

Panda Express

Orange chicken and chow mein will always be a constant with me. For my third item this time I tried the Shanghai Angus Steak. One of these premium choices where they charge extra but still very tasty. Easy to eat around those hideous mushrooms, too.

Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding chow mein with chicken & shrimps at my favorite Thai restaurant in Rancho Bernardo! Not that often you see a Chinese inspired chow mein type dish at a Thai place, but this was so nicely executed. Highly recommended if you ever visit CTK.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

So, I tried the new orange chicken at Pei Wei! It’s very fresh tasting and clearly made to order. Not frozen, that was obvious. I have to say, it is “Wei” better but I still love my Panda!

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Outstanding teriyaki rice bowl with beef!

P.F. Chang’s

Outstanding happy hour California roll sushi at PF Chang’s!

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